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Knocking On Doors Someone Has Already Knocked. Should You?

What’s up door to door mastery fans!? This is Paul Shakuri with another door to door mastery video. Want to travel the world? Want to educate others and co-workers on how to best sell door to door? Are you ready to become an Entrepreneur? Here is how to start; watch this video and follow up by ordering my door to door mastery program when its made available. I guarantee your life will change and your success rate on knocking on doors will increase tremendously! So if your ready for sales! Sales! Sales!

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Now a member of my door to door sales mastery program asked an important question! Should you go back to areas where people have already knocked on? Here’s what someone like you may possibly be thinking;

  • I’m definitely going to get a negative response because someone’s already been there.
  • What if they already purchased from someone else?
  • Am I wasting time by knocking repetitively on the same doors?

Here’s what I have to say about turf and area. It’s a week mind set to think and believe that you’re not going to pull accounts or sales because someone’s already been there. So as an entrepreneur you have to sell yourself, get into your mind that you are the best! A thousand times better then the last 40, 50, 70, 80 people that knocked on that door! Now you may get the person who says “someone’s already been here.” What do you say? What do you do? Do you stand there mute? Do you say thank you and walk away? NO! NO! NO! You solve the problem! Someone’s already been there so you find a solution to that problem! Here is how I would approach and how I train others to approach a situation where someone’s already knocked on the door;

“someone’s already knocked on your door you say! Well, before I head out I just want to make a few notes to get feedback and move forward. What was it that you did not like about the last few companies that showed up your door?”

You may even want to crack a joke at this point! My point to this video is that its all in the mindset! Don’t you give a shit if other’s have knocked on the door before you. You are the best! You are confident! You know your product and you have ordered my door to door mastery program and have learned the tips and pointers of selling door to door. You got this! This is the mind set you have to have because door to door sales is your first step in becoming a true entrepreneur. So believe in yourself! Tell yourself, “I am a thousand times better then the last few sales reps that have been here.” Coach yourself and sell yourself to the notion that you are in fact an invincible seller. No one and nothing can stop you or will stop you from achieving a sale!

Finally, I want to point out that if you are new to this video or if you have been following me but have not purchased my mastery videos then you need to cover that nakedness. Yes, believe me you are naked in the field of sales if you are not educated about door to door. So I have provided for you a three free video series. So click that link! Take me up on this offer that’s absolutely free. You will learn from how to go from an opener pitch and transition to your closing pitch. You will learn how to close deals every single day.

So cover up! Close those deals! It’s a mindset! Peace!

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