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The importance of personal development and why it matters

The importance of developing yourselves is the answer to success! You might begin by attending a physical fitness program to try and increase your strength and overall physical outlook, or you might be working towards enhancing your career!

As the majority of you who are viewing my videos are involved in the profession of Sales, ask yourself this question!

In the last week, in the last month, in the last couple hours, did you do something along the line of personal development?

For example;

  • have you attempted waking up earlier during the day,
  • going to the gym,
  • eating healthy and keeping a cautious eye on nutrition,
  • watching video channels of success stories and successful people?
  • Have YOU tried calling two extra people every day from a lead source that you build?
  • Did YOU put together a spreadsheet where you illustrated how you would develop yourself to generate more leads at the doors?

If you want to reach high levels of success you have to take these steps! Take the time to develop your personal self! My personal commitment to you is that by December 15th I will have created a Motivational Mastery program. This program will have the key to living the life you want to live through excitement and motivation. You see, when I see others succeed, I push myself to reach their success level and more. I have to go out there and learn from those individuals to attain their skill sets. When I see others fail, I see the disbelief that is embedded in their action and way of thinking. You first must truly believe that developing yourself is the answer to success. By doing some of the examples above you will begin developing yourself. And by keeping the concept of improving your personal self you will develop consistency and you will not find yourself quitting easily. Consistency is an important part of reaching high levels of success and can only be achieved if you take the time each day to personally develop yourself. If you’re not truly going to decide to sell yourself everyday and consistently personally develop yourself then you will not succeed. Life is all about sales and you have to personally develop yourself everyday in order to excel in sales.

I have been in sales and have been doing things differently for the past ten years to develop my work, my brand. I make to do lists everyday. Here is an example of what I have to complete today; motivational mastery audio book, get better ad sponsorship and get a content writer. There is so much work to complete! However, do you think I will get excited to complete these tasks if I do not feel good personally? if I don’t believe in my products or services?

You have to decide today!

Start today!

Work on yourself today!

Believe in yourself today!

My life is busy and I work seven days a week where sometimes I do not know what day it is! If you know what day it is, then that means you’re not busy enough!

This is what I need from YOU! I need you to write down all the things you can do to better your personal self today! Then I need you to rank them from the most important to the least important! Remember its not what you feel like doing, its what’s the most important! You can begin by hitting that subscribe button on my YouTube channel! By hitting that subscribe you are taking accountability and you are taking the first steps of developing your personal self!

Take Accountability! At the end of the day start somewhere and motivate yourself personally everyday to achieve the highest level of success possible!

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