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The importance of personal development and why it matters

The importance of developing yourselves is the answer to success! You might begin by attending a physical fitness program to try and increase your strength and overall physical outlook, or you might be working towards enhancing your career! As the majority of you who are viewing my videos are involved in the profession of Sales, ask yourself this question! In the last week, in the last month, in the last couple hours, did you do something along the line of personal development? For example; have you attempted waking up earlier during the day, going to the gym, eating healthy and keeping a cautious eye on nutrition, watching video channels of success stories and successful people? Have YOU tried calling two extra people every day from a lead source that you build? Did YOU put together a spreadsheet where you illustrated how you would develop yourself to generate more leads at …

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What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

What is your life’s purpose? I know a lot of you scour the internet and find a lot of different people teaching you how to find your life’s purpose. If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely that you’re looking to develop your mind but also to find what it is you were created to do! When you start creating what you love, and you create solutions for the problems people have, you end up being happy and the people who purchase your products are happy. This ultimately turns into a win-win situation and is why finding out your life’s purpose is essential for you to be successful! My goal as a mentor is to help you rise from where you are today, and I know you’re not lazy, I’ve heard a lot of people say “Oh he isn’t successful because he’s lazy”; That’s BULLCRAP. More often than not it’s …

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