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What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

What is your life’s purpose? I know a lot of you scour the internet and find a lot of different people teaching you how to find your life’s purpose. If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely that you’re looking to develop your mind but also to find what it is you were created to do!

When you start creating what you love, and you create solutions for the problems people have, you end up being happy and the people who purchase your products are happy. This ultimately turns into a win-win situation and is why finding out your life’s purpose is essential for you to be successful!

My goal as a mentor is to help you rise from where you are today, and I know you’re not lazy, I’ve heard a lot of people say “Oh he isn’t successful because he’s lazy”; That’s BULLCRAP. More often than not it’s because they are stuck with not knowing what they were created to do! Which bring us to the question- How do we find our life’s purpose?
I personally found my life’s purpose by talking to people. The conventional ways to find out my life’s purpose didn’t work out for me. What did work was communicating with others, making a personal connection with them. I would discuss my ideas and then in those discussions, I would realize whether it was my life’s purpose or not!  Over time I communicated with more and more people, getting a step closer to realizing what I truly love!

I remember how amazing I felt when I helped my friend come out of a particularly low phase in his life, I talked to him, communicated and helped him build a better version of himself!  This helped me realize my life’s purpose: To help people become a better version of themselves. Now that I figured out my life’s purpose, I had to work on it!

You can’t expect money to start pouring in just because you found your life’s purpose. You need a goal, every successful person has a goal. They started off at the bottom, built themselves to achieve their ultimate goal that they had set once they found their life’s purpose! And as your mentor, I’m here to tell you that you can find your life’s purpose, and achieve your goals too!


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