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Knocking On Doors Someone Has Already Knocked. Should You?

What’s up door to door mastery fans!? This is Paul Shakuri with another door to door mastery video. Want to travel the world? Want to educate others and co-workers on how to best sell door to door? Are you ready to become an Entrepreneur? Here is how to start; watch this video and follow up by ordering my door to door mastery program when its made available. I guarantee your life will change and your success rate on knocking on doors will increase tremendously! So if your ready for sales! Sales! Sales! Then start following me on YouTube! Now a member of my door to door sales mastery program asked an important question! Should you go back to areas where people have already knocked on? Here’s what someone like you may possibly be thinking; I’m definitely going to get a negative response because someone’s already been there. What if they …

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