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Last Door Knockers Were Scam Artists

What’s up everybody?! Paul Shakuri here with yet another topic to explore! Today we are going to be focussing our attention on the previous door knocker and the previous door knocker before that and the previous door knocker before that! You know the ones that were either scamming, bad mouthing the customer or just being a plain old jerk. Those sales reps left what I like to call a “sour taste” in the potential customer’s mouths. Here are a few emails that have been showing these struggles with some door to door sales and I am going to teach you how to overcome them. Remington: “Hey Paul, I commented on your U-tube videos and am blessed, my man. My questions are I live in Texas and have been selling my services within a hundred mile radius. I repair potholes and seal coating and have been a door to door lion …

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The Big Picture When Knocking On Doors

What’s going on door knocking nation!? Paul Shakuri here with another in the car moment! So, I want you to think about these questions! What is the big PICTURE!? Why are you knocking on doors? What are you working towards? What’s your ultimate goal? This videos content contains the secret ingredient to success when knocking door to door. If you’re just knocking on doors and are doing it just to pay the bills or make a lot of money, then the odds will be stacked against you and this is why; The distractions begin to kick in! All you can do is think about profit! You lose focus on the product, the service and the overall company you are working for. You begin to draw a blank of the focal point of knocking on door to door and that’s where frustration begins to build. Knocking on door to door is …

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Difficulty Retaining Sales Reps… The Most Difficult Challenge For Companies With The Door Knocking Business Model

We are going to discuss the ins and outs of all the reasons and solutions that I can think of when it comes to this topic. Being that this is the # 1 question that I get asked from managers and business owners. I decided to create a detailed blog post so that each time I get asked this question, The answer will be here. First, lets remember that if there was a one phrase answer like, hire people, give them a pay scale and send them to “this turf”, everyone would be doing it. Just like sculpting a perfect body, there are so many situations that there is no one size fits all. The easiest way to learn how to do it best for your company is to identify what the successful people are doing in your industry. At my company and the alarm company I helped grow to over 200+ …

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Door Knockers Typically Have Bad Spending Habits !

If your a business owner ! listen up ! this is what your reps are going through ! read this, and get them on the right track so they can produce more sales as a result ! If your a door knocker reading this ! Listen up with both ears ! This single article will help shape your life and finance in a way where the tw together both help increase sales by default. Why are we not closing more sales at the doors ? you heard my pitch over and over again, you know what you need to do to sell but your still not getting the results ! Take a look at your bank account ! i can tell you right now, financially your BROKE ! now i don’t say this to hurt you, i say this to turn it around ! i want to build you a …

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