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Door Knockers Typically Have Bad Spending Habits !

If your a business owner ! listen up ! this is what your reps are going through ! read this, and get them on the right track so they can produce more sales as a result !

If your a door knocker reading this ! Listen up with both ears ! This single article will help shape your life and finance in a way where the tw together both help increase sales by default.

Why are we not closing more sales at the doors ? you heard my pitch over and over again, you know what you need to do to sell but your still not getting the results !

Take a look at your bank account ! i can tell you right now, financially your BROKE ! now i don’t say this to hurt you, i say this to turn it around ! i want to build you a game plan to get out of this never ending circle. Before you decide to get out of the rat race and finally start saving money and eventually end up having money work for you, you need to give me your undivided attention.

Yea its true there are very few people out there that care ! i struggled all my life finding someone who cared about my success as much as i did ! till today i found out there are very few people that actually do and guess what, although it sucks i am now fine with that. I realized everyone else is out there trying to make their living and provide for their family that they are mentally beat at the end of the day and now they are looking for ways to make money themselves. Although there is nothing wrong with that, you need to get ahold of your life!

Many of you have families and are messaging me saying HELP ! i want to make this work ! Well i will continue to give you all the advise you need and attention you deserve but without coming up with a game plan and actually executing it, FORGET IT ! it won’t work. What happens is you fall back into relying mode and just HOPE things will work. Think about it, you go out get a sale, possibly don’t and come home and do the same thing tomorrow. Weekend comes you did your grocery shopping, you partied spent your money and your broke the following week. Sound familiar ? spin it however you like, the bottom line is your BROKE ! in order to get out of this rat race you need to think differently and have a new game plan !

In module 1 of my Door To Door Mastery program i go over this in detail.

This post comes based off a 1 on 1 coaching call i had with a gentleman out of Utah and his family which means the world to him !

“Paul Im Always Broke” 

Ok so now the game plan. Im going to need you to cut all the bills you can cut , YES short term ! understand that if you don’t decide to take action today and do this, nothing will get better tomorrow ! Personally i want to hit the next level in my finances and I’m at the level of where the Fu#k do i put my money and how do i make it work for me, so until then I’m going to keep giving you guys all the info i acquired to get me to this level ! follow in the footsteps of whoever the crap you want that is in the shoes you want to be in. If that is me then just do as i say !

So your going to live frugal for a year or so ! what are the things you spend money on daily ? weekly ? do you go out and party ? this might be a good time to quit bad habits and dave up some money ! now i don’t expect you to live life like this always but this is a start to getting you on the right track ! clearly your way , which was my way at some point , wasn’t working so your going to have to try something new ! When you start to see money coming into your account, whether it be $200 bus or $2,200 buxs and it stays there ! this is what will drive you to knock more doors with a clearer head and in reality will automatically by default mean closing more sales !

So many of you, god bless your souls have families ! kids ! and you know what it touches my heart because I’m a father of 2 as well ! and i want to see you succeed so that you can help your kids in their journey by providing for them ! You don’t have to live a sad life ! i want the opposite for you guys n gals out there ! i want you to be able to close more sales, hence providing a product or service to people who want what you have to offer ! this means they benefit, you benefit and the company that you work for does !

Some companies want to keep their sales reps broke so they are hungry to sell at the end of the week ! F that , in my experience that is when the sales reps generate desperate shady accounts that go bad ! Im calling for all of you to start to take control of your finances ! if you want me to get into more detail on how to do this ! prove it by wiring comments on this blog about your situation or saying Paul Please do !


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