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Your Broke And It’s Killing You ! Get Out Of Debt And Close More Sales

The one very common thing door to door sales people have in common is there all broke. Now when i say all i mean 90+% are. When i got started i had $2,000 to my name and to me that was broke. If you have this or perhaps even less in the account i want to you read every word on this post. This is not designed to make you feel bad that you don’t have the money you want except to correct it and move forward so read on. When your desperate to make rent, your not knocking on doors for fun. Have you ever had the thought in your mind that you really need to get a sale today or your really going to be in think trouble with the landlord. How about the feeling of not being able to provide for your family? I know this thought …

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Do you make pour financial decisions ?

This is a high priority fix we need to work on that is detrimental to your door knocking health. Sounds crazy but in my experience it is very true. The more you do something the better you get. If you make money selling door to door and throw it all away, what happens is you feel like your working with no end in site. Picture a hamster in a wheel. When I get asked “Paul how do I increase my sales” I simply respond it’s more than just one thing. Where people go wrong is in their thinking of what needs to be done to really master door to door sales. If you are doing it to pay off debt or perhaps just make a living then fine. Perhaps you want to generate sustainable income where you don’t need to work for money and eventually have money work for you. …

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Door Knockers Typically Have Bad Spending Habits !

If your a business owner ! listen up ! this is what your reps are going through ! read this, and get them on the right track so they can produce more sales as a result ! If your a door knocker reading this ! Listen up with both ears ! This single article will help shape your life and finance in a way where the tw together both help increase sales by default. Why are we not closing more sales at the doors ? you heard my pitch over and over again, you know what you need to do to sell but your still not getting the results ! Take a look at your bank account ! i can tell you right now, financially your BROKE ! now i don’t say this to hurt you, i say this to turn it around ! i want to build you a …

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