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Do you make pour financial decisions ?

This is a high priority fix we need to work on that is detrimental to your door knocking health. Sounds crazy but in my experience it is very true. The more you do something the better you get. If you make money selling door to door and throw it all away, what happens is you feel like your working with no end in site. Picture a hamster in a wheel.

When I get asked “Paul how do I increase my sales” I simply respond it’s more than just one thing. Where people go wrong is in their thinking of what needs to be done to really master door to door sales. If you are doing it to pay off debt or perhaps just make a living then fine. Perhaps you want to generate sustainable income where you don’t need to work for money and eventually have money work for you. Regardless of you plan, know that door to door sales can get you there. Find the right product and company to sell for and stick with it. Always remember I’m here to help. I know a ton of people in the business and am working to help grow my audience as well.

Making very little income when the show began was tough. It was hard because I’m used to having a lot of money coming in. Knowing there is a bigger picture helped me stay focused on the end goal. Do this with where you are at today. Today’s results don’t determine tomorrow’s, however each day you learn more and ultimately make tomorrow easier. Be wise with your money.

Your coach.

Paul Shakuri

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