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036: Questions Answered | Build Rapport With Your Customers

Stop doing 90% of the talking when pitching at the doors. This along with many other questions answered.


  1. Paul LOVE your stuff I’ve been in sales a VERY long time I’m 31 and started in door to door when I was 10 selling candy and misc items for a gentlemen who wanted to help kids stay out of trouble in our apt complex so I learned sales very young but I got out of door to door at 14. Well I just got back into door to door in security alarm sales (being it’s the most lucrative sales industry where the customer absolutely pays nothing up front) my first 2 weeks “they threw me out to the wolves” no training just shadow for a half day first week I got 2 deals but my second second got 8 (had a trifecta one day) It was awesome….I’m on my 2nd trip in Dallas and In 8 days days of work I only had 1 deal I was in a rut bad attitude was down and then I came across you listened to your YouTube alarms sales training 1 and 2 and it totally made sense after watching the next day I got 2 deals in my first hour!!!!! Thanks paul

    • John your so very welcome my man. I love teaching this stuff because my method is not based on lies or trickery. I’m a psychology of the sale type o guy. If you can understand why your not selling, you can figure out what you need to do to correct it. That’s what all my trainings are about. Glad you are finding success with it and congrats on your alarm sales. Yes it is the best business to be in hands down.

  2. Richard Cummings

    Thank you for your teaching me how to be a good door to door salesman!

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