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D2D Rejection Rebuttal Questions When Selling Home Improvement

Today we are diving deep in answering questions from individuals around the globe. Tim Gomez has asked a question on how to overcome two rejections that are consistently recurring from the customers. One of the reasons they are rejecting him is because they say they are too old to put money into the service and they continue on by reassuring him that their kids will take care of the situation. The other reason is that they are selling the house and they do not need to worry about it. Now, in order to understand Tim’s situation, we must understand his position. Tim sets up leads for someone to come into the house at another time in order to generate the sale. So, that would make Tim a “lead setter.” He gets people interested in doors, windows, etc. Having an opener and a closer is not an efficient way to generate …

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Question #1: The Customer Says “Let Me Think About It”

Question Asked: I really got a lot out of the close video. I have been assumptive most often with Businesses but for whatever the reason Have not been assumptive consistently Door to door residences. One question: in the video, you got toward The end of the close when a potential customer Is afraid to take action and states, I’ve got To think about it( the purchase of product or service). So when this happens, what do I say that is effective Besides, 2 phrases I have with selling insurance ” earlier you mentioned, if anything unexpected were To happen you would want all the money you can get An then some, isn’t that true?” Or ” you can wait, I can wait, but a sickness or injury can’t wait”. Now after stating these and they say they still need Time to think about it, should I then try to get …

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