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Question #1: The Customer Says “Let Me Think About It”

Question Asked:

I really got a lot out of the close video.
I have been assumptive most often with
Businesses but for whatever the reason
Have not been assumptive consistently
Door to door residences.
One question: in the video, you got toward
The end of the close when a potential customer
Is afraid to take action and states, I’ve got
To think about it( the purchase of product or service).
So when this happens, what do I say that is effective
Besides, 2 phrases I have with selling insurance
” earlier you mentioned, if anything unexpected were
To happen you would want all the money you can get
An then some, isn’t that true?” Or ” you can wait,
I can wait, but a sickness or injury can’t wait”.
Now after stating these and they say they still need
Time to think about it, should I then try to get
An apt. Set up within a few days,so they’ve been
Given time to think about it? Come back and reiterate
The value/ benefits and get them to close?   Come backs
And call backs don’t get green backs!   So, do I follow
Back up or just walk away and stay away?


Great Question Deb.

if you get into this situation, know that if you leave it is more than likely NEVER to go through. know that , so you know that when walking out the door it is a bonus if they call. THEY WILL talk themselves out of it. If you walk out brush it off quick , i mean so quick like it didn’t happen and start fresh at that next door.

What i just told you now is worth a million bucks don’t just take it and say ah ok …. live it … please

Next if they are telling you they need to think  about it, this means that they aren’t sold in on it and have thing son their mind. You have to DIG DEEP to find out what those things are and get to the solution of it … here is a DEEP ONE

Customer: ummmmmm were just going to think about it..

You: perfect thats a smart thing to do , I would to , and I don’t want you to make rash decisions… let me ask you this….. what exactly would be stopping you?

Note: and again make them feel comfortable, not like you just want to tell them an answer so you can sell them something.

Customer: hmmmm well we just don’t know if we can afford this.

You: ya i totally understand let me ask you this, how much is it out of pocket to take what i have to offer ?

note: see, what your doing here is key…. you want to make sure your not pushing them, but guiding them. Use the proper tone as mentioned in my mastery program.

Note: it seems like magic at first but as you get to learn it, it becomes smooth sailing.

My teachings are not based on trickery or words to use to get a sale. I teach to be persuasive throughout the sales process to allow your customers to make educated decisions on whether or not they should buy.


  1. Thanks for all the great insights Paul! Never want to be pushy on the doors with people. I actually just got your program and there is a TON of information in there.

    • Thanks Adam for joining, that means the world to my family, business and I ! Trust me each member means the world to me and I’m just a message away …. So proud of you #entrepreneur We Door To Door reps are the toughest they get….

  2. Hi Paul,
    I just found your website. I love DTD sales and B2B Cold Calling.
    I’ve found there is really no difference between calling on home owners and calling on small to medium business owners; except for dealing with gatekeepers in B2B.

    Here’s one for you:
    Years ago, an insurance DTD pro showed me how to get in a homeowner’s door who had a glass storm door.

    He would walk up to the door, knock, and smile real wide.

    Hi, I’m Ralph R ,from XYZ Insurance…
    at the same time, he would start wiping his feet and reaching for the door knob.
    Lots of times, the homeowner would let him before they even realized what they were doing.
    He made serious money for many years. Later he bought an oil well.

    I’ve used this same technique many times. There is something psychological (trigger) about the courtesy of wiping your feet.

    • Tom thanks for sharing whats on your mind. Yea absolutely, it shows your progressing and moving forward. Now where there is a time in the sale to do that. From what you mentioned it seems way to quick in the sale to rub your feet to come on in. A top level sales person feels out the sale. Where am I in the process. Where is my customer. Are they warming up, not trusting me? if they don’t trust you, nor like you, why would they let you in the house? your only affecting yourself even more. First you need to win their respect and trust then you can assume the entry by asking kindly yet being assumptive.

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