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Your Biggest Obstacle That Will Limit Your Results… Until Conquered !

As a door knocker we are faced with many challenges as I’m sure you can imagine. Sure, sure you want to get a sale and your frustrated because your not closing as many sales as you possibly can. Whats stopping you? why is that guy/gal to the left of you closing more sales than you are?

My Story

When I stared off knocking 11+ years ago I frustrated myself every day by telling myself I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, and Why me. Each day we are faced by the biggest obstacle and that is self destruction. In this article I’m going to want you to understand that we need to shift your focus from self sabotage to proper mental posture. Whats that ? well mental posture is your current state your mind is in that determines how you act. Is your mind slouched over and thinking of negative thoughts? lets face it, we tend to mentally talk to ourselves based on what is happening in that given moment. Let me elaborate.

When you get rejected over and over, your mind tends to kick into “negative thoughts mode” and whats real to you in that moment is the negative thoughts as to why your not closing deals. The truth of that matter lies that others are closing deals as we speak. How you feel RIGHT NOW determines the outcome on whether or not you will get a sale at that next door. When I teach my students how to increase their sales, the first thing I work on is their mental focus and drive. If you can control the way you feel when you aren’t getting a sale, imagine how you will feel when your closing deals. This takes practice and expertise. It really is easier than you think. In my first module of my Door Yo Door Mastery Program I teach the importance of remembering why you started knocking on doors. This one module alone is what kept me from throwing in the towel. Every person who has ever quit and took the time to come in and give me their feedback, told me they quit because they just couldn’t handle the rejection.

Rejection is the outcome of not handling your objections correctly. How are you presenting yourself at the door? Do you exude confidence ? how mentally prepared are you? If you want to get good closing more sales at the doors, your going to have to mentally prepare yourself for the battle every single day. Dig deep into my mind and learn how I did it. I put together this whole blog which will help you close more sales. Surround yourself around positivity. Know that if you were to take control of how you feel at every single door, eliminate the “I can’t believe Im not closing sales” and focus more on “What should I implement to close that next sale” by default your going to close more sales.

Implement these 7 strategies:

  1. Be prepared
  2. Stay focused
  3. Stay positive
  4. Ask Questions
  5. Know Your Product Well
  6. Build Confidence
  7. Ask For The Close

The answers to all these 7 strategies and more lie within my blog. You want it bad enough dig through my material. Know that if you were to close more sales at the doors consistently that there might be a possibility that it can take you to that next level. What is it you want from your life? Me, i wanted financial freedom. To date I have achieved it and I’m now here to share it with those that really want to learn it. Do not ever forget, the only way you can fail is to quit and give up. Will this job beat you or will you conquer it ? I believe in you and as such you should believe in yourself. Make today a great day !

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