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Self Talk Getting Yourself to Go Out and Knock

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! This is Paul Shakuri and I want to discuss the importance of making it out to turf. Many people get discouraged and just don’t make it out there, they just don’t make it out to turf. People don’t want to get out to go and knock on some doors. As I discuss this, I want you to think about how this could relate to your everyday life. Let me give you a personal example! Today I thought to myself, shit! I have been hitting the gym and playing intense hockey and I thought to myself today I am just not feeling it! I am tired! I am burnt out! Then I thought, hey this is the kind of stuff I talk about! When people don’t feel like going out there and knocking I ask you to ask yourself this; is it physically …

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Your Biggest Obstacle That Will Limit Your Results… Until Conquered !

As a door knocker we are faced with many challenges as I’m sure you can imagine. Sure, sure you want to get a sale and your frustrated because your not closing as many sales as you possibly can. Whats stopping you? why is that guy/gal to the left of you closing more sales than you are? My Story When I stared off knocking 11+ years ago I frustrated myself every day by telling myself I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, and Why me. Each day we are faced by the biggest obstacle and that is self destruction. In this article I’m going to want you to understand that we need to shift your focus from self sabotage to proper mental posture. Whats that ? well mental posture is your current state your mind is in that determines how you act. Is your mind slouched over and thinking of negative thoughts? lets face …

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