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Too Good to Be True Says Customer Door to Door

What’s up, everybody?! Paul Shakuri here to answer another question that came to me and I used to get this a lot when I started. Many of you can benefit from this information. I was a decent and well-spoken person while knocking on doors and I was not closing the deal but I would get this often. This question comes from Anthony. We were doing a coaching call of about five people and he went out and implemented my strategies and teachings, here is what he said: “…Since the training sessions, I found significant changes in how customers respond to the door approach…” Anthony originally started off as sounding like a typical salesperson. Basically, picture someone knocking on the door, being the only person that is talking while regurgitating as much information as he can in hopes of a sale. In the meanwhile, not knowing that this is happening and …

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Two Door to Door Rebuttals and How to Overcome Them!

In this video, we will be discussing two rebuttals, what they mean, and how to overcome them. It’s very important to understand the fundamentals of the two rebuttals. Why the customers are telling you what they are telling you. A Manager or friend or door knocking partner tells you to just say this phrase or that line and you’ve implemented it. Well, does it work for you? Have you gotten sales after saying the key phrase that you’re supposed to say? From my experience, in a rebuttal, a key phrase will most likely not work. You could view rebuttals as signs. You need to zone in and understand why potential customers are saying what they are saying. Let’s talk more about it… Rebuttal 1: Can’t afford it! How many times do you get people who simply say they cannot afford the item or product you are selling? Why are people …

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Question #1: The Customer Says “Let Me Think About It”

Question Asked: I really got a lot out of the close video. I have been assumptive most often with Businesses but for whatever the reason Have not been assumptive consistently Door to door residences. One question: in the video, you got toward The end of the close when a potential customer Is afraid to take action and states, I’ve got To think about it( the purchase of product or service). So when this happens, what do I say that is effective Besides, 2 phrases I have with selling insurance ” earlier you mentioned, if anything unexpected were To happen you would want all the money you can get An then some, isn’t that true?” Or ” you can wait, I can wait, but a sickness or injury can’t wait”. Now after stating these and they say they still need Time to think about it, should I then try to get …

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019: Build Value In What You Have To Sell

http://traffic.libsyn.com/entrepreneuradrenaline/d2dm-019.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 30:18 — 28.7MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS– invest time in knowing your product – learn how to pitch your product – shop your competition – know your rebuttals

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