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It’s Monday ! Weekly goals

Hey all its Monday and as I write this I think of you waking up getting ready for work and closing that first sale.

How difficult will it be to find that first sale today?

Drop any limiting beliefs you may have. Focus on engagement. When you learn how to just communicate with people at the doors, your going to increase your sales.

Remember your goal this week is to find people who can benefit from what your selling. The old days of forcing people into a sale are done. tThank God ! People now have turned to “if you sound pushy, or salesy then get away”

Inform them that your promoting your product and would love to show them your offer without being a pest. Honestly now. Tell them your taking a course online from me teaching them how to better engage. Yes it’s that crazy but it works. When you become yourself and just loosen up, people listen more.

Remember let your product sell itself. You are just the presenter.

Set reasonable goals this week and hit them ! No excuses. I have you on my mind.

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  1. G’day G’day G’day Paul!

    Where do I start with what I’m about to write man? Do I cut the chase? do I build your emotion up a bit?
    Well here’s what I’m selling to ya man. It’s a proper big THANKYOU.

    I was watching your videos before I started knocking for leads. Leads for demos that either me or my boss will be doing a demo for. Not gonna name what company it’s for, but you’d know exactly what I’m selling if I said we advertise door to door for Free carpet, lounge, rug or matress cleans, then if they say yes we call them and book a demo then sell the cleaning unit.

    The First video I watched was “Opener Pitch – Not Interested How To Overcome This Door To Door Sales Approach” man did it resonate with me, the way you teach, like you said you’re a teacher had me engaged, had my boss engaged, it just felt so natural watching it.

    I’ve only done two days of what I’ve been doing and really all in all its been a couple of hours, I live in Northern Tropical Part of Australia, I think it’s real close climate with Florida? Very Very Hot Stinky Sweaty Days. I’ve been taking key notes from your videos man, as far as engaging in conversation before your sales pitch. I can see how it’ll really work.

    I just need to work on myself get my confidence up, I’m a great public speaker but get me one on one with a stranger and it’s more nerve racking to me. Watching a few of your videos has really PUT a STRONG HEART in me for sales. All I need to sell is 15 units a month to get commision that’s worth over $100,000 a year. I feel a bit blessed.

    The first day I was nervous man, didn’t get a lead, (was only not even 2 hours) Second day I felt a lot less nervous but I recognized it was in me, and I know with practise the nerves of failure will turn into excitement for success. The second day whic his TODAY I didn’t get any leads either but was not disheartened.

    After coming home I logged onto your site, first thing I noticed man was this BLOG entry I was ecstatic in honestly feels like you’re really guiding me here, and I will be recignising you in my success.

    In writing this man I hope I resonate with you my life at the moment, was like yours, Man i’m just sleeping on a thing foam matress on the ground, underneath my Boss’s house and I’m ready for something great!

    WIll be following you really close thanks.

    • Wow ! Yes that was touching. As we speak I’m headed to our manager meeting where we’re kicking off the first meeting preparing for our biggest summer program yet.

      I’ll tell you, your on the right track. The key is your learn the more you knock the more comfortable you get at door knocking. I started off on a air mattress with my wife and the want to grow an account. Focus on growing your account ! I’m here for you along the way as support, and education.

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