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Increase Closing Ratio Selling Door to Door

Let’s get you on your way to achieving those goals and leading yourself to success. That’s right! I said it, success! In order to achieve success, we learn from each other, we learn from our mentors. Today, I received a phone call from a fellow door knocker. This caller is a person that I have been privately coaching and I want to share a bit of the conversation. I know many of you can benefit from learning the different strategies and tips I provide and use them to tweak your everyday routine in door to door sales. There are many issues that the caller described that occur while knocking door to door and I guarantee these issues will also arise while you are out there. To quickly recap how the conversation began, I want to share the common question that I constantly get asked from sales reps who are struggling …

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It’s Monday ! Weekly goals

Hey all its Monday and as I write this I think of you waking up getting ready for work and closing that first sale. How difficult will it be to find that first sale today? Drop any limiting beliefs you may have. Focus on engagement. When you learn how to just communicate with people at the doors, your going to increase your sales. Remember your goal this week is to find people who can benefit from what your selling. The old days of forcing people into a sale are done. tThank God ! People now have turned to “if you sound pushy, or salesy then get away” Inform them that your promoting your product and would love to show them your offer without being a pest. Honestly now. Tell them your taking a course online from me teaching them how to better engage. Yes it’s that crazy but it works. …

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