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Increase Closing Ratio Selling Door to Door

Let’s get you on your way to achieving those goals and leading yourself to success. That’s right! I said it, success! In order to achieve success, we learn from each other, we learn from our mentors. Today, I received a phone call from a fellow door knocker. This caller is a person that I have been privately coaching and I want to share a bit of the conversation. I know many of you can benefit from learning the different strategies and tips I provide and use them to tweak your everyday routine in door to door sales. There are many issues that the caller described that occur while knocking door to door and I guarantee these issues will also arise while you are out there. To quickly recap how the conversation began, I want to share the common question that I constantly get asked from sales reps who are struggling in closing those deals and that is, “Paul if you could give one piece of advice that could help me increase my sales today, what would that be?”

That is a tough question! What I have discovered is that there isn’t one specific answer. There is not a simple answer that can take the entire process of door to door sales and bring it down to one simple strategy. Now, many gurus will tell you that there is a one-step formula and I want you to ask yourself how often using a one-step formula has failed you in the past? If you want to succeed in life, you must follow all of the stages to get to that level of success. And that is with everything in life! Mostly all of
the individuals that have become successful in door knocking, including me took years to master the art. Not only that, but we searched and identified key strategies that worked and implemented those strategies while knocking on doors. I am not telling you this to deter you, but to encourage you. I want to see you reach that pinnacle point to where you have mastered the art of door knocking and where you want to pursue other opportunities based on the skills you have attained. In order to that, let’s keep talking!

I mentioned that there is a step by step process that you need to follow and learn and then implement. You need to gain the knowledge and education to get better and improve in sales. Now, you have to follow who you believe deep within your heart is the best person to follow to be able to accomplish what it is you want to accomplish. An example; if you want to follow a day trader, well, I am not the best person to follow at that just as of yet. If you want to be the best at boxing, well again, I would not be the best to talk about that. I would personally look for Mike Tyson’s blog to tackle the basics of boxing. Also, it is important to point out that people like Mike Tyson have not become famous overnight. Try asking Mike Tyson what one, two combinations are needed to knock someone out in one piece of advice. What would be his answer? From his shows that I have watched, I have learned that there is not one thing you need to be doing in order to be successful. In general, you need to have passion and drive in what it is you are trying to become good at. However, there are things you really need to understand before you can take off and master what you are doing.

There is a lot to success and if you want to become successful knocking on doors, then you have to educate yourself. Shadow, mirror those who are successful in the industry and figure out what you can do to achieve the same goals and more. In other words, you can, yes you can hit the goals you set up in door to door sales and in life in general. Now, I want to point out that I am not all about business! I do converse about daily life and that is where we are at these days. If you are knocking on doors, you have
to be yourself. When someone rejects you at the doors it could be because of a lack of connection or because the product or service was not appealing to them. I am pointing this out because it is important to move forward and not bite yourself mentally because of the past door experience. You are looking for the next person you can do business with and when you find that next person that’s when you get things done and you get that deal closed!

You are an entrepreneur! And entrepreneurs who are fighting to make it work will, in fact, become successful. I am an entrepreneur and you all have taken the effort to get there and to make it happen. This will only result in a greater outcome. Remember, only you can control how much energy you bring forth to implement the information I have offered. For example, you may be a member and may have invested in my MasterD2D.com program but you don’t actually implement the strategies. Well, if you do not implement the strategies then you will not get to that next level of success, you will not progress.
When you evaluate what you do and how you do things and use the resources provided you gain knowledge. When you implement the knowledge you have gained, you will get results, you will see and reach the final goal you had initially set out to reach.

The question you need to ask yourself is why do you love getting those deals? Why do you love and believe in the product and or service you are promoting? Why did you choose to go into door to door sales? If you actually do your homework and do your research right, door knocking will be viewed much differently then how you initially viewed it when you first entered the industry. I can relate because I love day trading and I had to ask myself why I love day trading, importing goods and selling them. It all started with why I wanted to do door to door sales and found a company and job that paid and sustained what I wanted to achieve in door to door sales.

Let’s talk about the level of effort you put forth and what I like to call the effort level grid. I have an effort level of one to ten. Ten being the most and one being the least. On a day to day basis, week to week basis, month to month basis and year to year basis, you have to rate yourself on a level of one to ten on how excited, how much energy you put into knocking on doors. How do you feel from a level of one to ten? Why are you super excited to knock on that next door? To get out there and knock on that next door! How excited are you?! You do not have to be an extrovert to have excitement. You just need that inner fire that burns within you to help take you to that next door. I mean, it is exciting knowing that there is going to be someone behind the door that is going to take the time to listen to what it is you are doing. How excited are you about that from a level of one to ten?

The individual I spoke with on the phone said he was a level six in energy and excitement. I then asked the person what his goals were and how he broke them down. Many people in the back of there mind think that even if they were to make ten thousand, twenty thousand and so forth it is not exciting because they have no debt. Door to door sales is for people who get excited and are entrepreneurs who want to make money for a purpose. If you do not have that reason, that purpose then you are not going to be successful because then you are only going to be in it for the challenge. As a matter of fact, I actually tweeted Daymond on Shark Tank and it was about him knocking on doors. I was able to get a hold of him and he got off an airplane and closed two or three sales of his actual belts. He just wanted to get out there and do it. How amazing is it that we have the technology to communicate with people from across the globe?! I wanted to share that with you because the most successful individuals have one point in their lives started off and or continued in sales.

Reverting back to the phone conversation, I asked the person how much on a level from one to ten was he familiar with the product. He said eight. The more information and knowledge you know and as long as you are not spewing all of the information to your homeowners, you will have a better chance of closing that deal. The person I spoke with on the phone invested in knowing his product and had a lot of information about his product. I asked him a couple of questions as if I were his customer and he knew his stuff. And this is where it is not a joke. You are going out there in the heat and in the cold, educate yourself. The more you educate yourself, the better you are going to be at the doors. Do not give every single information about your product to the homeowners because that could affect you. However, if you could answer the question then you will be much more respected and viewed professionally. Always, answer the question with “that is a great question.” You do not want to push or pressure anyone to get your product or service, you want to guide them to the solution as opposed to pushing them to the answer.

Finally, you have to do the research and do the homework. Comment on the blog posts because I will respond personally to what I am teaching. Again, I will respond, and when you post a comment and a question of what you have, that will help other people as well. This is for the managers out there, I received a comment today and, in this field, in door to door sales, unfortunately, it is about holding on to people. If people want to leave the organization it could simply mean that they are the wrong person for your company if you are doing the right things. If this is the case, let the person go, let them go cause problems for another company. I really have had this mentality and have been able to sleep at night because of it.

Last but not least if you want to take that door knocking to that next level then you need to take your effort and energy and excitement to a level ten. That’s right a level ten and how you do that is by knowing why you are doing door to door sales! God Bless You all and remember to keep knocking with passion!

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