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Let The Sales Process Become A Part Of You

The problem we face as door knockers simply lies within each and every one of us. Some make it out well and sell a ton while others struggle to really understand the reason they keep getting rejected. I want you to picture a Lamborghini that has been into an accident and just doesn’t function the way it did before the accident. Many times when i use this analogy people see the importance of keeping their mental state in peak performance. Door to door sales is a mix of personal skills, communication, and motivation. I always say the longer you do it the better you get. Lately i have really put some thought into it and wanted to get deeper into the topic so that you really see greater results.

The sale becomes you when you do it openly, every single day with the thought in mind that you want to get better and better. If your very anal to get a sale but bash yourself over and over at every door because you didn’t get a sale, that lamborghini only functions worse in the time to come. How do you cope with challenge? I know this isn’t easy but i want you to challenge yourself to stop beating yourself up. Learn to breath and relax more as you get “Not Interested” and relate back to my videos or blog to help get your through those times. Here is a good podcast that you can listen to if your getting rejected at the doors in your opener pitch.

As you start to put sales under your belt, you move up in rankings and you start going out with the notion that your fighting to hit your goals, your going to start seeing results. This job is a curve ! Once it make sense and it is a part of you, the sale is simple so long as you just keep doing it over and over. Always remember there is no magic to mastering door to door sales. I know its easy for me to say being that i did it already but although i know your struggling to engage with your clients, i know there is an answer for you.

For starters ! Stop thinking of getting the sale and focus your attention on presenting the features and benefits that your product can offer. If you did a great job, the product will sell them NOT YOU !

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