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Home Security Alarm Summer Sales Pitch Training

We all have control of what’s going to happen today and in this given moment! I didn’t wake up today all super pumped up excited just because I got a lot of sleep last night. Everyone has an opportunity to control what’s going to happen today, we have the ability to switch the state of our minds every day to get to a better place! How many people believe there is a better life that exists for them? I want to share a story about myself. I want to share how I found my voice! I am going to share with you a bit of myself and where I came from. Why I do what I do today! Hopefully, it will inspire you!

When I was a kid growing up in elementary, I grew up with wealthy parents! People who typically give motivational speeches have stories where they had nothing and rose to the top. I am going to tell you a different story, a different timeline! My personality has and still is to always give to others so they can enjoy the fun too. Starting at a young age, I would always invite a friend when my dad would take me out to lunch. Of course back then parents were more relaxed. Just being able to have what I want, when I wanted it was the best feeling in the world. When I had birthdays and it was during school, my dad would come and bring a cake for the entire class and it was the best feeling in the world to be in the spotlight but it felt especially good to give back. The majority of kids in my school came from immigrant homes who didn’t have much. Even at times when it was my birthday the entire school would take off that day and come to my parent’s restaurant. At a young age it was a joy to see people happy and for them to regain that sense of gratification. But then my parents lost it all!

My dad opened that restaurant 24 hours, 7 days a week and didn’t hire anyone outside the family. Three people ran the restaurant. So over time tension grew! My parents fought and got divorced and when they got divorced they lost everything. We had a house paid off cash and I am going to tell you a story that I have never shared before! My father gave our house away to the bank for free because he didn’t want us to go back and forth with my mom and dad. All I can tell you, they worked themselves to the bone where they forgot the number one thing in life and that was time. We all have a limited amount of time in life! When we lost everything and went to school things changed. I came from wealth and then lost it and my entire life growing up as a kid I thought to myself I want that wealth back because I had a taste of that pie and that pie tasted good.

Long story short I decided to go to University and take computer science because I wanted to make games. Personally, I am not a school person. I knew I had to do it and push myself. I went into that bright an early in the morning in the first semester and I would actually go to class for 8 hours straight and have a three-hour class where I had coding. I told my dad this is not for me. My dad has a masters in engineer and he thought I was crazy. I decided to drop out of that in my first semester. I focused on what I liked to do! I was very careful with time! My major was marketing while I was in school! Before my last class upon graduating, I got a phone call from Edmonton saying my grandma is about to pass away. I had a decision to make. Am I going to go back home to see my grandma one last time? I went to the dean and I let him know my situation, my last class was accounting and he allowed me to do a take-home exam so I can see my grandma one last time. I ended up graduating.

During the time I was in school, I liked to party. I was the guy that would show up late in certain classes! I had this one marketing teacher who just wanted to get me! And low and behold he almost had the opportunity too but things didn’t turn out the way he had anticipated. Here is what happened, I show up to class late, we had a presentation worth 60 percent of our grades and I completely had forgotten. I was an introvert at that time. I was scared shitless of presentations. The teacher picked me of course! I , asking people what the topic was! Right away I recalled how I always wanted to open up a salon, make people feel good about themselves. So inside my head, I pictured I already owned a salon. This is crazy, but it works! I kind of cheated a bit because my best friend’s mom owned a salon. I started going into it and nailed the presentation. Following the presentation, I found out a couple things about myself!

  1. I am not a scripted person.
  2. I am not a choreographer.
  3. I am very good at freestyling.

The teacher admitted to calling me out first because he thought I wasn’t prepared. However, he also was impressed and ended up telling the entire class that my presentation was “how it should be done!” I learned I have this hidden talent, this voice.

I went back to Edmonton and got a job where I was getting paid $32,000 a year. There was an accounting department job there and I was excited. That wasn’t enough for me because I wanted to build my empire! After making 32000 dollars a year my boss told me don’t worry you get raises after six months to a year depending on your performance. I went through every single day thinking this was something I had to work at to get myself to the top. There was a guy in the sales department who was driving a brand new vehicle and I wanted that car. So what happened, the boss called me in after six months! He said, “congratulations you received the largest raise anyone can get in your position.” He said, “you received a raise of 1500 dollars per year.” I thought you got to be kidding me! I have to find something else! My same friend who got me the job over there, he left and started a different job. A crazy job! An unheard of job that no one would want to do then those who think differently from the average “Joe!” And that job he was doing was door knocking. Door to door sales!

I thought it was absurd at first because I graduated with a business degree. He said, “Paul what you make in one year I make in six months.” But I thought of the worst-case scenarios about knocking on doors. And some of it was true, like the time when someone actually told me to “get a fucking real job.” But I was forced to give door to door knocking a shot because I was so sick of where I was at. My mindset back then is not how it’s like today. You have to commit! Back then I didn’t know what I knew now. I am here to help you develop your mindset. I got into it and was well on track of being the number one salesperson. My next talent was that there was no stopping me, I just didn’t quit! Basically, I knew that I wanted to develop myself and make more money in a shorter period of time. The more doors I knocked at, the better I got at handling the situations. I quickly learned that the goal of door to door knocking is to close more sales! Controlling the amount of door’s The more you do it, the better you get! The problem is the majority of people don’t open their mind on a day to day basis! I am here to tell you that if you want to get a deal today, you will get it! You will find a way!

It starts off with belief! How much belief do you have that you are going to close a deal? No matter where you go there are a ton of deals waiting for you to pick up. I guarantee even if you knock on the same door, you will get a sale. Some people say they are not interested! NOT INTERESTED! They are not interested if their house gets broken into! Or they just don’t have the money for it! If you are getting those responses, then the message wasn’t delivered to those individuals!   You should be closing 1 in every 3 doors you knock on. When I started I would knock 1 in 50 homes before getting down to 1 in 3. What changed? What happened? Mindset acquired skills and talent and started to believe!


Who’s the first person you need to sell too on the products and services you have to offer? Well, you need to sell them to yourself. The passion you bring forth to the customer will help you with sales and in developing yourself. Why have I stuck with home automation or home security? Because I would not live one day without security. How certain are you that you’re going to get a deal? Do you believe that you’re going to get a deal? What do you think happens to your true potential? How much excitement you give will determine the outcome! Anyone whose half-assed something didn’t get a better result then someone whose put and given it there all. Do you believe and agree that you would have a better result if you gave more of your potential? We all focus on the result, which is an actual sale. Do you believe there is an account out there? If you believe then you are going to collect that account. Here is the big problem, we start off with a ten, but we haven’t mastered the skillset yet! Repetition is key to mastering the technique of door knocking and closing sales. What happens to my belief if I put in one hundred percent and I go 2 hours without a deal! It goes to zero! If you don’t understand and aren’t awakened to this, then you will not be able to come back with a deal! If you half ass shit it does matter! It does! The possibility of closing deals goes down! You’re now not using the majority of your potential! Any of you who play sports like ice hockey can relate! I play ice hockey, I have to ask myself how certain am I of scoring a goal, passing the puck, putting the puck in that net. I’m a hundred percent certain. If I go in and am not a hundred percent certain and I feel threatened by the other team what do you think happens? What do you think happens to your thoughts, feelings, and belief in your job? If you don’t have any sales coming in, it’s a danger zone! Your potential goes down because you think it’s your pitch and you go on slumps! The longest I went without a sale was three days! So I studied what I was doing wrong and what I found out was, of course, this, I was battling with customers to try and get a deal. In reality in order to get a sale we have to get in a house! We want to do the presentation so we can build the value up of what we have to offer!

How can you get to 1 and 3 or 1 and 10 sales in the next 30 days? How to close sales! It may feel like you have to trick the customers into getting one of your products or services. It feels like you have to work them to get one of these accounts. When I started in sales I wanted to quit. I was doing ok but I wasn’t the top person. The top person in my office had no sales experience and was a surfer. I couldn’t believe this guy was beating me. I wanted to excel. I called my manager and I am going to share the embarrassing story that I lived. I was crying to my manager and said I quit. My manager thought I was crazy because I was the third top seller. He couldn’t understand why I would want to quit, and I said no I am serious! I am not number one! My mindset today is different, then it was back then. I tried everything I possibly could to close a deal. He said, “are you sure?” I said, “yes!” He said, “what are the top people doing that you’re not.” I was like, “the hell if I know!” He then said that if I wanted to be just like them that I should probably shadow and mirror them and see what they are doing differently. A light bulb went off. It’s interesting how things shift quickly. What happened at the end of the day is that I shadowed the people and found out they were doing less work at the doors and getting better results. They were calm, asking more questions, standing further back. Little things that I wasn’t doing that made all the difference. I found out that in order to master the art of door to door sales is to understand the simple process. The phase of the process!

  1. Get in the house.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Do an awesome presentation.
  4. Close the sale.
  5. Reassure them they made the right decision.

At the end, it has to make sense that the customer made the right choice choosing your company. Hold yourself accountable and reach towards the highest level! When you go out there bring forth that energy, that potential and remember no matter what happens at that door, double up that energy at the next door. What if you use more energy on the second door and more on the third and fourth? You double up your energy! The people who have a minimum of two accounts by the end of the rally actually implemented what I am talking about. You can do it! It’s not about what you say! Its how you present yourself! But we all focus on the pitch! I have been asked to give my pitch! I am not a scripted person and I don’t have one. What I need to do with you to get an account is going to be different. Who here has gotten not interested? Every single person gets not interest and there’s a reason for it? We get not interested for these reasons! They have no clue of what it means to have these products or services in their house. They don’t know why they would spend the money on home security or any other product. There’s an issue with the process if you are not getting one account a day.

When you get your deal be a team player and help those on your team to get or close a deal. What do you think happens when a ripple effect takes place? Your there to help each other, hold each other up! The most I sold in a day is ten! I was able to do that because in Denver we had a competition and we were going to Colorado’s Rockies game and they paired us up! The manager comes and was like “we are all going to the Rockies game and we have a competition on top of that, I’m going to pair you guys up and whoever loses from the pair has to cross-dress the person for the Rockies game.” I wrote ten deals that day. My last deal was at 11:30 getting installed the same day. What I learned about that is that I am in control. As you learn the talents and skill you are in control. This happens when you learn the process and understand it’s not magic. I have to build them up with the opener pitch. Our opener pitch has a pre-opener, from when you wake up in the morning, how you feel, the problems and shit in your lives that we are not in control of. A lot of us on a conscious level don’t understand that we are in control of how we feel. I get that we have things in our lives, our kids, our spouse, things going on. I challenge you to think deeply, do you have the mental capacity to switch it off for a short period of time. Do you have that? Can you do that? Wake up, have the best damn day and deal with the shit when you get home! That is how you can start off with a great day! It puts you in control.

How many of us like being in control of ourselves, our lives and what happening in our lives? People get depressed because they feel they have no control over their feelings. We are powerful! What we have seen growing up, has made us what we are today because of what we witnessed and how we interpret it. Anything can happen but what and how you interpret with what’s going on in your life determines how successful you will be today. It’s easy for me to sit here and say, trust me you’re in control and it’s easy to say wow he’s right. But what’s not easy is to believe it a hundred percent and start implementing the belief. Once you’re in control and you know that, then you can carry that control throughout the day. If you hold that ten at every single door and double it up when you get rejected that sale will be just around the corner. The first person you need to sell to is yourself. 90 percent of it is how you present yourself. My focus is getting you to believe it can happen. I get people who come back to my office who do not care they did not get a deal, well there’s a problem there. You do have to beat yourself up and feel like absolute shit if you do not get an account. It is not ok to go out there and work for free. People want what we have, the problem is, are you willing to go out there and show them that what you have to offer is something they cannot live without.

When you first knock on the door the customer might think your just some sales person or trying to sell religion. They might think its family, friend, neighbor, someone of importance because they might be from the city. There’s that question mark when we knock on that door and that question mark is curiosity. The number one thing we want to create in our opener pitch is curiosity. The problem is we sell them out of that curiosity with what we do. You are in control! In order to keep and maintain our curiosity, we need to not sound like the typical sales or religious person. We are not the typical salespeople. Sell yourself in and believe this fully. 99 percent of the people who go out there and knock are people who don’t actually do what the top people are doing which means more opportunity in every neighborhood to get your account. You have to sound different from the regular individual. THE PERSON WHO GETS WHAT THE OTHERS DON’T HAVE IS THE PERSON WHO DOES WHAT OTHERS won’t DO. Facing the what if, surpassing the comfort zone. Taking control of the unknown. It’s a mindset! Remember a tree is as good as the fruit it bears. If the fruit is poisonous, the root is poisonous. If I can’t get you guys to understand that you can do your pitch based on how you present yourself then you’re not going to be able to generate accounts. You are in control of who you do business with! You have the option if you wanted too. Understand you are in control and this is huge! Control is very important to understand. When you knock on the door there are so many things that can possibly be going on inside the house. Be personable, build that trust. Question-based selling, ask potential customers more questions! Your presentation has to make sense. Get comfortably uncomfortable. Remember opportunities don’t last forever unless you actually jump into them!

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