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Friday Door to Door Knocking Mindset Video Get Excited

What’s going on everybody?! It is Paul Shakuri here and I want you to think of Friday and I want to touch upon and recap your week. This day is VERY Important for your growth and this is something that should not be taken lightly! If your knocking on doors and investing your time in reading my blog its because you want to become a true entrepreneur that rakes the register in and actually makes a ton of money!

There are many different mindsets when dealing with door to door sales reps. Some want to be extremely wealthy, some don’t give a crap and just want to pay the bills. Well, that’s not me! I’ll tell you that I love creating wealth but I love creating wealth ethically! Remember this, it’s ETHICALLY! Guys and gals don’t be afraid and shy to say you freakin’ knock on doors! Why? Because the teachings you use and learn from door to door mastery show that it’s all about learning the fundamentals of sales and keeping track of yourself! Keeping track of where you are at in your sales career! What skills have you already acquired? What skill sets do you need to get yourself to that next damn level! In order to get yourself to that next level, you are going to have to monitor where you’re at and that’s what we are going to focus on today!

Now, I am going to share with you what exactly goes on in my mind on a Friday! When I initially started in the back of my mind, the front of my mind, all over my mind, I wanted to earn a six-figure income! I wanted to make sure that I always created six-figure while knocking on those doors! I never wanted to make anything less and the reason why is because I wanted to somehow take that money and reinvest it into other kinds of investments! So what do you think when its Friday and all of a sudden inside my head I think, wait a second tomorrows Saturday! I’m not going to be a sheep like the typical slave that doesn’t go out there and work that sixth or seventh day a week! Because then you’re going to be enslaved all your life to not learning and acquiring the knowledge! This is what’s killing me! It is what’ eating me alive! The typical sheep!

I now have over 11000 people that depend and rely on me to provide them with the knowledge, the expertise, the community where people can say “Paul, help me become a better door knocker.” Like you have and others are, so I can reap the rewards out of it. This is why I don’t take door knocking lightly. So when Friday came when I was a door knocker, you bet I committed to six days a week. When I first got started I committed to seven days a week. Most of you stop and make up excuses; “oh but when I go out there and knock on the doors I kind of feel dreaded, like its pulling so much weight to get my ass to the door!” Well, guess what?! If that’s you, you have to get out of that freakin’ broke ass mentality!

LISTEN UP! If you’re not willing to go out there and bang on doors for eight to twelve hours a day to start and you’re not willing to go out there six days a week minimum, and depending on your financial situation you might have to pull in seven days a week and if you are not willing too, then it’s a broke ass mentality! A broke f-ing ass mentality! And you can’t have a broke-ass mentality when the time is ticking! Time is of the essence and you cannot let it slip by especially if you want to live in abundance. As I look at million dollar homes I think to myself of the next level I have to take to get there, to own that. I want to take you there and the only way you will get there is if you come back on a Friday and you evaluate yourself!
How much have I improved this week?

If you have zero deals, then you have massive problems! You’re not going to get a damn sale if you go out for three hours a day. My potential avatar is somebody that wants to get better at those doors! Somebody who is excited and eager to live a life of financial freedom! Someone who can better themselves so they can go and help other people! When its Saturday, are you sure that you’re going to get out there and knock on more doors to sell more of your products and services?! Also, acquire the skills and knowledge and then gain the excitement to go out there! CHANGE BEGINS when you get excited about going out there and knocking! Not when your feet are dreading going out there and knocking. I am going to help you get there! Notice I said help you get there! I am going to help you to the point where every time you’re banging on a damn door, your knocking with confidence.

When you knock with confidence, you are saying “well guess what, I know if I talk to enough people then I have the skillset to close deals!” Skillset is learning how to handle the door to door sales process! I am going to tell you that from day one all the way through to when I was knocking which was twelve years straight, I will say I gave it a minimum of 90 percent of my true potential! When I got out there I rushed to turf! I rushed to get to the doors because I knew what I was working towards. You may not be the best salesperson to start but if you get inside your head that you’re going to be the best darn sales rep out there with ZERO excuses, then you can be the best! Finish with your area, your turf before you jump somewhere else! Make door knocking an awesome, an extreme game inside your mind! Recap on Fridays, where are you at on your sales for the year, the months, the previous months! Are you tracking that? Can you go back for example and say you got eight accounts in January, nine accounts in February? Are you tracking how many doors you’re knocking on? If you’re not, you are not a bad ass sales guy or girl!

Guess what that’s fine for the past but now the message has been delivered to you! The time to invest in you, to focus on you is now! I love you all and I hope I lit a fire out of somebody’s ass!

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