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Get to turf and push through to get through the doors Motivation

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here with another door to door mastery. Today, I am going to be talking about the hustle the grinding, getting your ass out of bed! Making it work! Making it happen! I wasn’t really prepared and have been trying to pick up some time with my kids because I have been so busy these last few weeks with videos, fill quick, corporate clients. I could have easily not created this video but I did it because everything I do on a day to day basis comes back to my push, my grind, my hustle!

When I wake up, I can easily sit back and let the clock go for 5 minutes. I am human! I do it at times, but how many times do you do it in a day? A week? A month? A year? That’s what will determine a successful person from someone who doesn’t become successful with what they want to do. We are talking about cold calling, canvassing, picking up the phone, dialing! How many people are you going to call today or call back on your list? What is your list to complete for the day? Do you have a list? BUILD THAT LIST!

There are so many things you can do so you can grow and get that money in your pocket, in your bank account so you can grow and reinvest! I’m not just about people getting the money to get those fancy cars. I mean I want everyone to have that if you want to have it, but that’s not your first goal. It’s not what you should be working for! You should be working for the money to reinvest so you can double your money and triple your money and spend it on what you want to spend on. So how do we do this? You get up in the morning and say “today is going to be a great day!” “I’m going to make it a great day!” You may be tired but you get up and start the day with just brushing your teeth. It’s a struggle, a push at the beginning, but once you start doing it, you become accustomed to the routine. It becomes easier and easier.

I know door knockers dread sometimes going out there because what if you come back and didn’t get a sale. I’ve had people tell me they are not excited to get up and go to work because the end result is going to be no sales. I know that feeling, I coached thousands of people that have experienced the same thing and I say you have to shake yourself out of that mentality! In the morning when you wake up, punch it! You need mentors in your life! Push yourself out of bed, you also have to push yourself in the turf. I would make it a habit to knock in turf first. No one would knock on the doors first or before me if I wasn’t driving. My binders were ready, my food ready, peanut butter sandwiches in my cargo pants! Everyone made fun of me! I am confident enough that When I put my mind to something I get the job done! You can too! That’s what I want from each and every individual!

Find the inner drive! Don’t let the energy go down when you are on turf or knocking on a door. When you knock on a door be energetic, stand strong! Don’t just be a pile of shit standing there! Think to yourself, I am going to the close this account, I am going to get the sale from this person! That’s how you’re going to be SUCCESSFUL!

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