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Selling Everything At The Door ! Multiple Products Does It Help ?


Todays topic comes from a phone call conversation i received with one of my students who is planning to join my team. I even received an email from a gentleman on my list asking the same question so this means BLOG POST TIME baby !

Many people i know sell:

  1. Dish Network 
  2. DirecTv
  3. Solar
  4. Alarms
  5. Pest Control
  6. Cable

and much more door to door like a broker. The combination of a few of these products can be a hedge for you over your competition because if a customer is not interested in cable, they may want satellite. No satellite how about and alarm, you have one ? can i interest you in pest control ? ah you already have…. Solar will save you money can we perhaps install a solar panel for you ?

Customer: No … Thanks thou were just not interested.

I need you to understand something here. Many of you will fight to offer as many products you can because you think you got the hedge against your competitors. Statistics show that companies that specialize in 1 product are far more successful than companies that offer a wide variety of products. Those of you in the USA that know the fast food burger company “In-N-Out” have you seen how simple their menu is ? How about the process of McDonalds? They invented the fast food factory assembley model process. What is it ? Every person on the line is in charge of only 1 thing. When you focus on 1 thing, no matter who you are, your odds of being successful are far greater than the person doing more. For me this was hard to comprehend because i am a multi task er. If i can do more at once i can get more accomplished. Imagine if your new. Learning 1 product door to door is hard enough for you, how about incorporating a few products into the mix?

Of corse were not talking about companies like Walmart where people expect to go into a retail store to get all they are looking for.

Let me break this down for you.

The largest companies in the industry all specialize in 1 product but sell more than one. Lets take 3 companies.

  1. Vivant (Alarm/Solar)
  2. Fluent Home (Alarm/Solar)
  3. Defender Direct (Alarm/Solar)

What what what ??? wait a second here did i read your contradiction above ??? you said 1 product or service yet the largest companies offer 2 ??? hahahahah this Paul door to door mastery guy is full of shit … hahahahahah humor you yet ? listen up

2 things i will quickly touch up on.

  1. How these companies started off
  2. What their business model is

How These Companies started off

Each one of these companies when asked how they started off only allowed their sales reps to offer 1 product and one product only. Home security systems. So if they built their business, their income based on 1 product, mastered that then introduced another product. Don’t be fooled thou, read the next part.

Their business model

Even thou they sell 2 separate products as a company, their sales reps are mainly selling only 1 product. They separate their business into 2 products. Its as thou they have 2 separate divisions and companies in 1. Now the power to leverage your business by offering your customers a second product after you have already built their trust, is indeed a very good way to expand your income. Say you sold them an alarm system. 1 month later you give your customer a call and say hey how have you enjoyed your system thus far? they answer great or have questions your there to help them and answer their questions. What your doing now is building more trust and value in you and your company. It is at this point you can arrange to meet with them and sell them another product or service. think about it… Why would they do business with someone else if they are happy with what you provided them ????

If your a business owner, know that this has to be done with caution and care. In my many years of experience if you give your sales reps the ability to do this, you will see your sales go down. There is a way to do it and strategy is everything in business. Anticipate what your business will look like in the future ! The ultimate key to your success will be how well you are able to anticipate your current business decisions !

Like what your read ? Want more ? Dig through my blog posts, join my mastery program and most importantly freaking take that daily action till your fingers are tired of ringing those door bells 🙂 !


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