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Last Door Knockers Were Scam Artists

What’s up everybody?! Paul Shakuri here with yet another topic to explore! Today we are going to be focussing our attention on the previous door knocker and the previous door knocker before that and the previous door knocker before that! You know the ones that were either scamming, bad mouthing the customer or just being a plain old jerk. Those sales reps left what I like to call a “sour taste” in the potential customer’s mouths. Here are a few emails that have been showing these struggles with some door to door sales and I am going to teach you how to overcome them.

Remington: “Hey Paul, I commented on your U-tube videos and am blessed, my man. My questions are I live in Texas and have been selling my services within a hundred mile radius. I repair potholes and seal coating and have been a door to door lion my whole life which has been recently a lot of fly by night scam artists in my area ripping people off and its gotten really hard for me!”

First I want to address the issue of the scam artists! Remington and to all of the sales reps out there, it is so important that you do not sound like a typical salesperson when knocking on doors. It is important to make yourself stand out, your product stand out. Well, you ask how do you do that?! Simple, you make sure you do not sound like the salesperson who came before you or the salesperson before that or the salesperson before that…I think you get what I am saying. Those who watch my videos and have been following my blog know that there is a formula to gaining that uniqueness in the opener pitch stage, features and benefits stage and closing stage that will get you to close those deals.

Remington: “I constantly am getting doors slammed in my face. Before I even have a chance the customer is outside cussing at me and just yesterday I got accused of stealing a woman’s purse. Later she did apologize to me after she found out that it wasn’t I who stole her purse. A lot of people do not want us to “mess” with their driveways anymore. I am sitting in my car right now waiting for my partner to come to smash doors today. In my case, I am needing some guidance through these rough times and boy are these times tough!”

Well, door knockers I need you all to read this very carefully. All of the door knockers are going to encounter this scenario at some point or another. The scenario where you knock on a door and that customer called you a scum bag because the last door to door sales rep just cheated him and sold to him unethically. Let me ask all of you entrepreneurs, all of you door knockers, did you ask the potential customer what their experience was with that previous door knocker? Did you take the time to sympathize by understanding their frustration and correct how they perceive you at that moment in time? That moment where you are trying to ethically provide a service that will ultimately benefit the customer. Not everyone is going to have a “sour taste,” but those who do Remington will be able to identify you as what you portray yourself to be. If you do not present yourself with confidence and assurance that you’re the ‘real deal,’ then they will slam the door in your face.

When people are rejecting you its normally a by-product of what you are doing and until you identify that issue you will not be able to overcome it. You can overcome this! I know you can! The first step to overcoming it is to understand that you’re not the target, it’s not just happening to you and it’s not just happening on every door. As a matter of fact, it is happening on the majority of doors because of certain things you are doing. Now I have a solution for that and to find out more about what you are doing that is preventing you from getting those deals my masterd2d.com program is still opened for you to obtain to get the training you need to get those sales. It teaches you how to stand your ground when people reject you! It teaches you the steps of how to handle those rebuttals and how to overcome them. You must understand sales can be complicated but can be fully understood once you understand the basic fundamentals.

My advice to you Remington is to not tell yourself that it’s happening at every door. If it’s happening at every door then recap, accept and agree! “You’re not interested in any door to door scammers! You know what I can see where you’re coming from and I want to apologize on behalf of all those who have caused complications in your life. Here is my badge and we have very little respect for scam artists! The first thing I want to introduce you too is our company and our brand and as a matter of fact, here is my card and if you want to take the time to dial the number on the card I can prove to you I am not a scam artist!”

Remington, do not back down. Be confident! Build that relationship with those who want to do business with you. If you want to learn more with what I am talking about then sign up for my three free video series. I have a ton of content that my team is always pushing and producing on social media. Keep communicating with me and let me know how door knocking is treating you. I want to thank you for your questions, your comments and for communicating with me on such a great profession. I want to leave off by keeping this thought in mind, what you perceive yourself to be may not always be how others see you. In this case take a look at yourself, what you are doing when knocking on doors and how customers might perceive you as being. How you can learn how to do this is by signing up for my Masterd2d.com program!

I am off to watch Christopher Robins with my kids. They have been waiting ever so patiently. May God bless you all! Have a wonderful day!

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