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Door to Door Sales Mind Dump What to Sell D2D and More

What’s up everybody?! Paul Shakuri here and ready to answer all of your questions! I am here to give you my two sense, five sense, ten sense, ten dollars, whatever the “F” you want to call it! The first question comes from Geoff Weaver “do you think door to door sales is suited for some products and industries more than others?” Yes, Geoff and for all of you reading this, I do agree that some products, services, and industries are suited for door to door sales more than others. The biggest rule of thumb you want to take away from this, is, who is your potential Avatar? Who is the potential customer you are going to sell to? For example; pest control services can go to the customer’s property, their front yard and backyard! Magazines are another example. Where do they get delivered? They get delivered to homes and businesses. …

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The Big Picture When Knocking On Doors

What’s going on door knocking nation!? Paul Shakuri here with another in the car moment! So, I want you to think about these questions! What is the big PICTURE!? Why are you knocking on doors? What are you working towards? What’s your ultimate goal? This videos content contains the secret ingredient to success when knocking door to door. If you’re just knocking on doors and are doing it just to pay the bills or make a lot of money, then the odds will be stacked against you and this is why; The distractions begin to kick in! All you can do is think about profit! You lose focus on the product, the service and the overall company you are working for. You begin to draw a blank of the focal point of knocking on door to door and that’s where frustration begins to build. Knocking on door to door is …

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New To Door To Door Sales. A Must Read

Over 12 years ago I decided to take the plunge into door to door sales. I was a new sales representative in a new industry. Before knocking doors, I graduated from business and was working a corporate job. My previous work was not making me happy so I set forth to look for a new opportunity. I was looking for something that paid well. A career that was very rewarding. My intention to start door knocking was there and this is what I want to discuss in this article. Are you new to door to door? Are you wondering what it’s going to take to be successful as a entrepreneur door knocker? Here is the break down. Door to door sales works. It also works for everyone. What stops people from becoming successful at it is their beliefs and their commitments to growth. If you knew someone who was successful as …

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The Door Knocking Inner Circle Surround Yourself Around Successful Knockers And Increase Your Odds Of Success

To be a success at door knocking, you have to surround yourself with successful people. If you don’t believe this, do research and find out why this is an absolute must. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you known reasons why success breeds success.  I love to study successful people and listen to what they have to say. The reality is, all successful people are action takers. Everyone has an idea but how many actually take action upon that idea. Those who take action, how many push through to take that idea to the next level. Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely at times. When you’re starting a business or perhaps knocking out in public for your first day, the reality is your all alone. The emotions you feel when you are out there alone tend to give you the self-doubt that ultimately leads to failure. What …

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