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The Door Knocking Inner Circle Surround Yourself Around Successful Knockers And Increase Your Odds Of Success

To be a success at door knocking, you have to surround yourself with successful people. If you don’t believe this, do research and find out why this is an absolute must. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you known reasons why success breeds success. 

I love to study successful people and listen to what they have to say. The reality is, all successful people are action takers. Everyone has an idea but how many actually take action upon that idea. Those who take action, how many push through to take that idea to the next level. Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely at times. When you’re starting a business or perhaps knocking out in public for your first day, the reality is your all alone. The emotions you feel when you are out there alone tend to give you the self-doubt that ultimately leads to failure.

  1. What am I doing out here?
  2. Why did I start this?
  3. Is this for me? 
  4. Can I even do this?

It is these times that being around successful people reassure you that you’re doing the right thing. Personally, in my life, I have been struggling to be a millionaire. I haven’t figured out what I’m not doing in order to get myself to that next level. It wasn’t until today that it really hit me. Making six figures and being around people who all make way less than me has slowed my process down. Do understand that in no way do I think I’m better than anyone else because of money or my current circumstance, it’s just that people broke and always struggling have narrowed my mind.

When I used to be around successful wealthy people, I used to think like them, talk like them and even buy like them. Going back to my successful door knocking days, the offices that had the most success was the ones who everyone at the top had success to show. If you’re going to be a leader, you’re going to have to lead by example. When you are around successful door knockers all getting sales, the mentality puts your mind in a place of belief. When you believe, you can achieve. Offices that hire me to help them grow often times have the issue of successful leadership. Everyone wants to be a chief. The only way you’re going to build a brand, a company, and a name is if you build your inner core circle. Find successful people who you can work with and surround yourself with them as much as you can.

A good step in the right direction is grabbing my door to door mastery program and surrounding yourself around my successful teachings daily. Grab a friend, watch it together. Close more sales and build a successful office. People who bring you down are people who are stopping you from success. Learn how to handle this toxic energy when it comes and be there for the people who truly are fighting to make a difference. At the end of the day, if you read this blog,mi know you are a true entrepreneur who is fighting to make a living and grow your empire. Mad respect for you. Start Building your inner circle today!

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