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What Are You Working Towards

When I got started selling I wanted to make a lot of money. How much exactly? It was a balance. I knew I would have expenses so instead I was working towards having $100,000 in my bank after taxes. This was my goal.

My first summer program knocking on doors was a success. I was surrounded by successful people who all were determined to be the best. This challenge opened a new door to why I was knocking on doors. I wanted to be the best. I wanted to end my first summer program as the top sales person. Come to the end of the 4 months I ended in like 4th or 5th spot. This ate me alive. I pushed hard. I fought through. I wanted to quit, I wanted so bad to throw in the towel, I actually cried. I never cry. I got so emotional and beaten down that I cried in a field why I wasn’t getting 5+ accounts a day. The job frustrated me.

What kept me going was:

  1. I didn’t have much money to my name
  2. I saw others making amazing money
  3. My drive to be the best
  4. My discipline to never quit
  5. The lack of better opportunity to make a lot with no risk
  6. Hey, I was single and thought it would be cool to travel and make bank. 

I knew deep within me that If I were to hit my goal of saving up $100,000 that I would be able to reinvest it into something. I wanted to import products from China and resell them for a profit. This was my goal. As I started to make money and was on track, I then decided I wanted to buy real estate property. Purchased my first huge brand new house, got the BMW 750li, living the dream and loving life. As debt started to pile on, I realized I had to make a business out of this. I went on to building large sales forces, opening my own security company then ultimately following two of my passions.

  1. Teaching- This Show is all about educating struggling door knockers how to engage more and close more sales. 
  2. Efficiency- If you don’t already know me, I love efficiently. I went on to opening my own software company named FillQuick, which has taken off in the alarm industry and has now been picked up in the security system news and integrated with the two largest security companies in the world. 

What’s your end goal? What are you working towards? Think big. Don’t just think about the crappy week or day you had. I need to shift your mindset and when you have that awakening, the good life will come. Grab my door to door mastery series and learn all I know in my over 11 years of door knocking all in one place streaming my live videos online. Click here and start watching today.

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