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Become A Better Door Knocker The Series Begins


  1. I want to master on door 2 door knocking by selling security services. My goal in mind is making a lot of money but i don’t know if it will help me master my door 2 door knocking. Please teach me more

    • Elvis, its in your hands bud. Door to door for alarms works. You just have to build the confidence and start getting sales. I teach it all over the Internet. Read and watch the videos. You will get better but you have to start believing in yourself.

  2. I sell life insurance and want to start door to door as my primary prospecting method. Any special advice for this field with door knocking?

    • Absolutely, there is a ton of info on the blog. Dig, thats how winning is done. There is a lot to discuss, not just a life insurance sales pitch… Doesn’t work like that. Do you enjoy selling life insurance ? Who are you targeting. What do you feel are the main reason you would get rejected at the doors selling that ?

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