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How To Shift The Direction Of Your Life


  1. Hey Paul, first of all thank you! I’ve recently found you and your advice has already helped so much. I have purchased your program and watched everything in the program and took a ton of notes. With that being said, one thing I would love to see is some video examples of you actually showing how you do it. Mostly how you do your opener and talk about random stuff. At my old job they started using these glasses with a hidden camera in them to make real life scenario training videos.

    • Your so very welcome Austin. Thanks for connecting. You are 10000000% right that I got to do that and I absolutely will. its on my agenda. With the release of Active Knocker our door to door sales app and FillQuick our software CRM its been crazy time getting everything on time and in the hands of our customers and partners. I do have plans to make that happen for you guys.

  2. If I have an idea for a product, but don’t have the money or the knowledge of how to get a patent on it , then what?

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