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When You Fall, Get Back Up Quicker Than You Currently Can

After a powerful workout today I witnessed a brilliant life lesson.

My gym has a hockey arena attached to it. Today, the little ones were skating around hockey practice and I saw something that got my attention. This kid, skating around as quick as he could in a hockey drill. He was rounding the southeast corner of the rink when he fell down. He spun out of control and stayed down on the ice for 3-5 seconds. He then got up to his knees. Looked around, where he was looking was the second issue. He was looking into the crowd. He was chuckling as if it were a joke. The look on his face was that of embarrassment. Was it embarrassing?

Our true potential comes out when we push ourselves in practice. How we look and treat ourselves from the inside determines what we will do on the outside. When you focus on people around you and what they think about you, you slow down your progression. I myself have struggled with this for a long time growing up. If you don’t already know, I used to be a male entertainer. Yes the star of the show Center stage that would have hundreds of eyes on me. Did I make mistakes? Yes. Did I care, well kinda. I cared enough to myself to not beat myself up about it, but to catch myself quick and focus on what I did wrong so that I can stop it from happening again.

In life, you’re going to get dropped to your knees. No question. It’s one of the rules to life. No one lives their life, fail free. We fail, we fall. The successful people get up quick and fade out the background noise. The more discipline you are with yourself the stronger you become. If you are in practice, give it your best. If you are in the fun mode, have as much fun as you can. The more you slack or let yourself go, the weaker you become and the further away you get from your goals. Tighten up.


  1. Richard Benchimol

    Thank you for the encouraging words! I try to tell my staff the same things. Selling is something where there you are always improving. It starts with yourself, what you are capable of and also what you can overcome. It’s an interesting learning experience.
    Richard Benchimol

    • It is…. You really have to love to learn and grow as a sales person… Door knocking is not dead, that personal connection will live on until robots are mandatory … Lets hope that day does not come … On to what you said encourage yourself folks that you can find internally somewhere the ability to grow strong like a powerhouse closer like myself or anyone you look up to as a closing machine … get closing get growing

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