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You feel like shit! On top of that you walk away

You get excited to knock on that door. You start to talk to the customer. The person who answered the door doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. You can sense the fact that he is waiting for you to shut the hell up so he can get on with his day does this sound familiar? If so then read the rest of this blog post. 

Most of you need to get your head together. I really mean this. Take a look at your life and ask yourself. How happy are you? Think about the following aspects of your life and rate it from 1 to 10. 10 being the most.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Finances
  • Confidence
  • Happiness

Be honest with yourselves. This will really help you understand why you get rejected and feel like shit. I recently did a webinar called increasing engagement with your customers. If you were on the webinar, you would remember me talking about not being a pushover. People don’t want you gone because they hate you personally. Let’s face it. They don’t even know you. They dislike the fact that they believe you’re there to take away from them. What?

  1. Time
  2. Money

Subconsciously they believe that if they talk to you and continue, they simply will have lost both of the above.

Now let’s turn that around. Why would someone spend Time and money on something? Simply put. They have interest. You see if people are interested, they are willing to possibly trade both time and money to possibly get what they may want. This, my friend, is the reason why door to door sales makes me bank. I make money selling door to door because I discovered all it takes is building interest. Most of you quit and give up mentally after your first hour of knocking. You start to tell yourself I’m not going to get a sale. So here is what happens.

Your belief that you’re going to get a sale is at a low. When this happens your not maximizing your words and battle at the door. The customer simply tells you to beat it and hence…. You do. Me? I don’t take shit from anyone. Fu%$ that. I have built up enough self-respect for myself that if someone tells me to get the fuck off their property. I don’t say sorry, nor thank you for their time. I simply brush it off and knock the next door knowing that this is the door I get my sale.

I wish I could install this one money shot “wealth of knowledge” directly into your mind, instantly! Let this be a reach out to take control of your mindset on the door. DO NOT disrespect the homeowner, instead, have self-respect and dignity and move on to the next door with a fucking smile on your face !

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  1. Fantastic post this had a lot of wisdom about the simple mindsets it requires to be killer at D2D great JOB Paul!!!

    • Only the best of the best stick in with it long enough to learn what works for them. Be that person. Wanting to throw in the towel will be a normal thing. Let that get out of your mind quick.

  2. This is way more helpful than aniythng else I’ve looked at.

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