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How To Get In The Door | 3 Techniques That Works

Door to door sales people know they need to learn how to get in the home or out of the customers comfort zone in order to increase the chances of generating a sale. Has your manager told you that? This is a very true statement but before you actually get in the door you need to understand what you need to do. The points i will be covering in this article will be:

  1. Know When To Ask
  2. Know How To Ask
  3. If Rejected Take A Step Back

Know When To Ask

Just because you are talking it doesn’t mean your potential customer is:

a) Listening

b) Understanding

In order to outperform the average salesperson you need to understand that 80%+ of your sale is based on how you present yourself at the door. How engaging are you. Do you take control of the sale and know when to put the control back into your potential customers hands? If i were to talk to you about how wonderful life would be for you if you got ahold of my product but you were not listening to what i was saying or even worse couldn’t understand why i was doing what i was doing. You would guaranteed tell me your not interested or don’t want what i have to offer. The key lesson in this article is to have your opener pitch make a lot of sense. You need to spark interest in who you are and what you represent so that it can make sense to them to want to get more information from you.

So your gliding along talking your potential customer into why they should do business with you and now you get to a point where they are interested, but not yet sold. This normally happens when you are getting questions from them along the way somewhere along the 5 min mark of your pitch. The easiest most effective way to get into the house is to simply ask. Yes it may sound crazy but asking is the most common way 99% of sales people get in the house. Knowing when to ask is important. If i were to come up to a girl i met for the first time and ask her to come home with me after 1 hour of meeting up, do you think she would trust me enough to come back to my place so that we can cuddle and watch a movie? more than likely not right ! After learning to master your Opener Pitch you will realize getting in the house is so much easier. Think of your sale as a date, your getting to know your customer and what their needs are, if they don’t show interest in what you have to offer, is it even worth asking to get into the house? Believe it or not i do however the chances of getting into a house like that is slim to none, altho i have and even sold a few people. I did a study on this after reading my favorite quote of all time by Wayne Gretzky the worlds most famous hockey player who said ” You Miss 100% of the shots you do not take”. There were a few times i felt as thou the home owner was not interested in heading what i had to say anymore, only to ask if he would let me in his house so that i can show him a demo of what my product can do for him. To my astonishment he said yes, my wife has been begging me to get your product for the longest time, come in, i like you and you can have the sale. You never know when that sale will be however if you do the right things and know when the peak moment to ask is, you will close more sales.

Know How To Ask

There are a few ways to ask to get into the house. First most simple way is to say ” If you don’t mind its actually easier if i just show you a demo inside your house” and if you did your job right before this and they are interested, 9 times out of 10 they will let you in the home. Another way to do it is to take simple baby steps. If your product or service covers multiple areas of a clients home, say security or pest control, you can ask to take a look at the front door, or perhaps the back yard first, then moving on from there to the next part of the home. One thing to keep in mind is never be forceful. I know there are a lot of large companies and managers that teach to be forceful in this step however, based on my experience dealing with year around programs, your customer will cancel if you are forcing them, also it is not ethical.

If Rejected Take A Step Back

In my career knocking for years i couldn’t tell you how many times i got rejected, the customer told me no, then in a matter of minutes they are inviting me into the house to sign the paperwork. This does not happen all the time and that is where most sales people go wrong. You will never take any one of my techniques and apply it, with it working at every door. If you believe this exists out there you are mistaken. Even the best of the best hockey players say they miss more than they score, however because they are always working at their max, the chances of them scoring are way higher. This works for anything in life.

So what do you do if you ask the homeowner to enter the property and they tell you not interested? First off i normally will leave if they have not showed me any such signs of interest:

1) asking me questions about what i have to offer.

2) asking me questions about my product.

3) questions about my company.

4) interacting and engaging with me.

If they have done a few of these, this normally means they are interested to a certain degree, however something is telling them no. As a top level sales rep it is your duty to jump into their mind, make them feel comfortable and get off their chest what it is that is stopping them from taking what you have to offer. Always remember you never know unless you ask. I always ask openly…. ” Clearly you showed me some interest in what i had to say, if you don’t mind telling me , what exactly is it that doesn’t interest you in what i have to offer?” you will be more than surprised to know the mass majority of the time they will tell you, i don’t want to have another monthly bill or have to pay for anything. When this happens i need you to understand the psychology behind why they are telling you this. You customer only sees the price outweighing the value or benefit from what you have to offer. Jump back in and ask them what they liked about what you had to offer. When they do this, you are taking a few steps back and you have only one or two more chances to get that peak interest back and to move forward.

I love what i do and i love teaching the sales process. Every article i write is designed to make you stronger and stronger as a sales person. Always respect the customers time and money, in return they will respect yours. Comment below what you thought of this article.


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  1. Hey Paul,

    I’m learning a great deal from your website. I really appreciate it. Quick Questions: I don’t have a problem gaining interest at the door. Two things seem to really be holding me back at this point. First, I’m not good at asking to go inside at the appropriate time. Second, I’m getting a lot of people “Thinking about it” and will contact me later if they decide to purchase, and you know how that ends. Any suggestions for these two topics I’m struggling with?

    • Thanks for the kind words. Glad I can and will help. Asking to get in is a mental block that holds so many knockers. The answer is ask 100% of the time. I can guarantee you don’t. When you do, it will blow your mind how many will say yes when you thought no. We like to self sabotage ourselves. In time you will get better at building outside value so more people say yes.

  2. ” i don’t want to have another monthly bill” is actually a positive signal. They just need a more complete picture of the value you offer. Nice one!

  3. First I want to apologise for doubting your knowledge . I really appreciate your help.,you’re a real teacher in this field. Going to follow your lead


    • No apologies needed. So long as you learn the content and close more sales ethically I’m super happy and proud. Im going to keep pumping the content and taking it to the next level… More to come …

  4. Hey Paul. I had spent months having your program but being completly scared at this part of the process. I’ve closed sales but only b/c the homeowner would let me in themselves. So glad I found this blog article and now I know I’m going to get past this sticking point. I agree 100% it was just a mental block stopping me from asking people for the demo In their home.
    Thanks so much man! Your a life saver

    • Thanks for investing into my program, GOD bless you and i’m so blessed to have you put that trust in me, thank you. The money means crap to me, the thanks from you is the real reason I make money from the program I cant stress this enough. Its a business and the business needs money to help bring on new people to help it grow. Blessings again thanks. Every sale helps..

      Scared, thats normal and it goes away. More people let you in when you start to gain that confidence and control. It really is a mental block. Your the real life saver, Well Jesus Christ is 🙂 Amen God is Amazing !

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