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048: What to do to get out of sales slumps

http://traffic.libsyn.com/entrepreneuradrenaline/d2dm-048.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 16:43 — 23.4MB) | EmbedSubscribe: RSSSales slumps suck. How do I know? Two ways. I was in a sales slump years ago and thought it was the end of the world. 3 days without a sale was the longest I went. Now I know you might be saying to yourself, “Paul that’s nothing, I go through sales weeks without deals”. I’m here to tell you that mentality is wrong. F that. Not one day you should go without getting a sale. I mean it. In order to correct a sales slump you need to understand why it’s happening what’s going on and how you can overcome it. Before I get into that I want to explain the second reason I know you are struggling with this. Simply put, you’re reading this blog post. The internet is a powerful tool. You search and …

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Pest Control to Vivant Solar Sales

Question: What’s up Paul!? Thank you for all of your advice on the iTunes podcast. I can say it has tremendously tailored my pitch and has inspired me to love what I do. I don’t go a day without listening to it. Right now I’m in the pest control business and have been for 5 years. Technician not sales. I’ve found a new opportunity with an awesome company, Vivint solar. I have been working there part time in sales, when I get off work and weekends. It’s awesome! I’ll be doing it full time by next week. The opportunity this company has given me is amazing. I can truly say I love what I do. The rush of a new sale or closing one is the best feeling in the world. Being that I’m in between jobs I’m very cautious with my cushion account and getting into 100% commission is …

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Wanna be consistent in sales? Here’s How.

So you want to be consistent in sales. Often times sales reps go days without getting a sale. Some say they get sales, but cannot get consistent in sales. Why is this ? what is happening? How do we fix this? read this blog post. To touch on the reason for not getting a sale in a week, this is unheard of. Not getting a sale means you suffer from lack of communication skills. A very good friend once told me, communication is the key to getting what you want. If you want to get consistent in sales, your going to have to invest time, resources and money into being the best. Everyone is at a different level however the common denominator is were all attempting to sell products and services to human beings. Is cold calling dead ? Hell NO ! today one of my corporate clients had the largest …

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Create Healthy Competition In Your Sales Office

The number one way to increase sales is to create healthy competition. By nature top sales people are driven by competition. Top sales person of the month goes to….. When I was in a sales office of over 150 reps my number one goal was to be the top sales person all the time. Managing a team of sales reps, and going out and getting my own sales, I managed to hold that number one title month after month. There were times I really felt like taking a day off. Knowing there was another person who was close to beating me for the month, and there was only 2 weeks left in the month is what kept me eager to push through. If I got a dollar for every time I thought of not going out, but did and got a sale I would be on wealthy man. Wait a …

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Door To Door Sales Techniques

Paul what “techniques” can I use to close more sales at the doors. You ask I deliver ! First off let’s get things straight here. What is the definition of technique ? Well according to dictionary.com the definition is as follows. Technical skill; ability to apply procedures or methods so as to effect a desired result. I’m talking to you, the door knocker right now ! Listen up because what I’m about to say needs to designate deep within your mind or else your going to just throw it out and never accomplish what you came here to find ! I have a simple 3 step process to close a sale. Within this 3 step process you need to learn how to handle each one. For example the opener pitch is the first step of the process. There are a million things that can occur in the opener pitch that you need to be aware of. Often times I get asked, how do …

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