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Wanna be consistent in sales? Here’s How.

So you want to be consistent in sales. Often times sales reps go days without getting a sale. Some say they get sales, but cannot get consistent in sales. Why is this ? what is happening? How do we fix this? read this blog post.

To touch on the reason for not getting a sale in a week, this is unheard of. Not getting a sale means you suffer from lack of communication skills. A very good friend once told me, communication is the key to getting what you want. If you want to get consistent in sales, your going to have to invest time, resources and money into being the best. Everyone is at a different level however the common denominator is were all attempting to sell products and services to human beings. Is cold calling dead ? Hell NO ! today one of my corporate clients had the largest door to door sales installs of home security systems all using my methods and recruiting techniques in under 3 months. Yes you herd me 3 months. He has never sold anything door to door, or even built a sales team before. What worked for him, I will share with you.

You see the first thing to note is, how much time and efforts are you willing to sacrifice. Learning to master door to door sales will take a few months, when you are on the right track. The proper guidance and atmosphere is very important. You see when you start off, you may tell yourself things such as:

  1. Am I capable of selling
  2. Im super confident that I will outsell everyone
  3. Perhaps I Will try this job out

Regardless of which one you fall under, your mindset is wrong. To be the best, you must take a look at the top, set a proper goal and don’t look back. If you aim to hopefully get a sale, and go out day after day only to not get a sale, your shooting yourself in the foot. Im here to tell you that you need to raise the bar. You need to push yourself to higher levels. Expect so much more out of yourself and you should see greater sales results then what you have right now. I know most of you reading this will say, oh but that doesn’t work. I challenge you to ask yourself how long have you put that to the test before beating yourself up so much and changing what your doing at the doors? I know knocking on doors seems difficult at first. Especially if you see others doing so well and you aren’t getting deals. The one thing I want you to note is, your going to have to out work everyone else. When you carry the mindset that I want to create an empire out of this job, your results will show. All the answers on how to increase your sales will come. What you will notice is your time spent on the doors will increase. The way you carry your footsteps to the door will speed up. You may even take me up on my Door To Door Mastery Program, which has helped thousands of door knockers close more sales and well on their way to the TOP in their office. There is no magic in door to door sales. The “Magic” is being consistent and taking control of your mind. When you learn to do this coupled with the proper way to present your products and services like taught in my mastery program, victory comes. Believe me it feels good to have reached financial freedom. I want you there. I believe that if you took this much time out of your day to read this blog post, you are fighting to succeed.

So how is it this corporate client turned success into wealth within a few months? He is teachable. You see many people are so emotional about their business that they really stop to see the trust behind what is going on in their business. If you want to attract the best people in your office, your going to have to be the best. I wouldn’t work for you! seriously , think about that. Most people, and believe me I do say most, I WOULD NOT WORK FOR. Why ? because your not fun to work for, or with. Would it shock you to tell you that this year I turned down a $120,000 client with all expenses paid for a year, all because we couldn’t get along? Had i been desperate I may have taken the job. The management team I was going to help grow their sales force would have drove me nuts. Think about this because this could be the last time you hear it. Do NOT take it personal. If you want to become a manager, open your own company selling something door to door, your going to have to listen to the results your getting and stop blaming it on everyone else. I seem to always be able to attract awesome people into my business who are willing to go out of their way to make things work, because I myself do the same for them. So many people these days just talk and never deliver. Build your bank account, because this will help you think more clear. If you still have under $10,000 in cash in your account, make that your first goal to go out their and build a bank account that will show you a balance of $10,000 ! No do not go and spend it. The reason why you never get ahead is because your bills and expenses keep piling up and it drags you down. Debt is heavy weight that will never be fun.

Grow daily. Each week you HAVE TO set goals. You need to fight to hit those goals. Every week you push to hit your goals, mark off whether or not you hit those goals. If you did, study what it was you did. The mass majority of sales people will get their paycheck on a Friday and let off the brakes. Pay days don’t mean shit to me. Paydays only means my sales count reset and now im at 0 for the week. I get anxiety knowing im at 0 and that I have to push away from there that pay days typically are my best sales days. There was a day I sold 10 alarm contracts in a day, all because I set myself up for success, and it was a memorial day when everyone was home. There were people in my office who had 1, 2, 3 or more sales too. Everyone would text one another that they got a deal. We were all on fire, the momentum was hot. All this and so much more is what it is going to take in order for you to be the best. I believe in you. Aim for the top.

Always aim for the top of the ladder because there is little competition. – Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. Very good post!!!!!

    • Thanks Joe for that comment…. Glad to see your loving the content, its comments like yours that empower me to keep pumping these posts and videos …. your a rock star #stud brother

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