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Is not making money affecting you?

Another tip I will share with you in this blog post will be, how you can close more sales by shifting the way you think. Im sickened by the percentage of people that nod their head and know this to be true but do nothing about it. If you haven’t already herd the saying “The Past DOES NOT = THE FUTURE” im going to have to get you to simply accept it. Think about this. If you have NEVER gotten into a car accident, are you less likely to get into a car accident than someone who has already been in one? one might argue the reasoning like, well im a good driver, or any other simple reasoning that your mind may come up with.

You see our brains scan for answers when we are faced with situations that challenge us in our lives. If you are broke now, you wake up, go to work, come home and live being broke. You don’t drive the car you like, you don’t live in the house you like, and you simply don’t live the life you desire. Do this enough days out of a year, repeat this for multiple years, and ultimately you get where you are today. In order for you to make a change, your going to have to try something new. I challenge you to drop your guard and listen to what I say, and by default you now may have the opportunity to finally get the results I do.

Look back at your last weeks sales. I want you to write down the number of sales you got. Whatever the number is, I want you to fight to hit the exact same number of sales this week but in a shorter period of time. If you got 3 sales last week, I want you to fight to clear 3 sales by Wed and then follow through with a power close to your week. The key to a successful door to door sales career is to constantly pushing yourself throughout the day. Most people believe that the top sales people just go out there and get sales with very little efforts. This is NOT TRUE. The top sales people have conditioned themselves over and over again every single day. When you get rejected at the doors, what is it you tell yourself at the following door? do you start at a high, then by the time 7pm comes around, your defeated and already knock with a limp? Lets face it, life without money sucks. I love making money because of what doors it opens. If you are selling a product or service that you would purchase yourself, you need to bring that enthusiasm out. Learn how to keep yourself on a high and know that you are in your current situation short term. When you have very little, the good news is you have very little to loose.

Most of you are not closing sales beause your selfish. All you want is a sale. Your not focused on helping your client out. Customers want to buy things they want and like from people they like and trust. Most of you I wouldn’t trust. Im saying this because its true. If you are one of those people who just complain, and never go out of your way for others. GOOD LUCK! people read you. I want you to start changing who you are and what you think on a daily basis. If you want to live financial freedom and close more sales on the doors, your going to have to work on YOU ! You are the vehicle that drives your sales. If you have to be fake to close sales, then your in the wrong business. Again, sell products and services you would purchase yourself. If you are already doing that then make it a habit to learn how to present your product the proper way.

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  1. First video was great! Put the tips right to work and bam!, a sale.

    • Sean your a sales superstar my man … great work, stay positive set high goals and aim for the top, don’t aim to just get by…. I believe in you..

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