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Pest Control to Vivant Solar Sales


What’s up Paul!? Thank you for all of your advice on the iTunes podcast. I can say it has tremendously tailored my pitch and has inspired me to love what I do. I don’t go a day without listening to it. Right now I’m in the pest control business and have been for 5 years. Technician not sales. I’ve found a new opportunity with an awesome company, Vivint solar. I have been working there part time in sales, when I get off work and weekends. It’s awesome! I’ll be doing it full time by next week. The opportunity this company has given me is amazing. I can truly say I love what I do. The rush of a new sale or closing one is the best feeling in the world. Being that I’m in between jobs I’m very cautious with my cushion account and getting into 100% commission is something I’ve never done before. So my question to you is, are you going to have a sale on your membership this summer to D2D mastery? It would be so awesome to be apart of your membership! I know you’ve worked hard for your content and I’m sure it’s worth every penny. Just thought I’d ask and see if this was a possible promotion for the time being. I don’t mean to waste your time over a long email I’m very personable at the moment because listening to you everyday, I feel like I know you! Haha. Hope this gets to you in reasonable time. Looking forward to hearing from you!

First off thanks for the email and all the kind words. One thing I want to point out in your email was the fact that you mentioned the rush. Right there is the reason why people do so good, stick in with door knocking and fight through the hardest times which is the getting comfortable phase. If you have the will to want to win, and not keep getting rejected, ultimately you will end up on top. People always think that they need to be sly to sell Solar, pest control, security or even insurance. Regardless of what it is you sell you need to have a plan. Setting up a plan on what you will accomplish your first year, month, week is the starting point to a successful career as a door knocker. My stats show 99% of door knokcers just simply go out hoping to get a sale, and as a result wonder why they aren’t getting any. Make your goals reasonable. Divide the number of knocking days up in a year and calculate how many you need to not only get by your first year, but to make a great living doing it. Solar sales pays more then any other sale I know, however the volume of sales is less than the others. Know what your selling and make your goals clear and concise.

Its going to take getting used to. Comfortable if I may. If you have the eye of a tiger and you simply just won’t settle for not accomlipshing those goals you setup, your bound to master this art. Ultimately the people who make the most money in this business start off as a sales person, learn the art, then move onto managing, training and teaching others how to do it. Be that person. Im no better than anyone else. I just decided I was not going to settle with NOT making it as a door knocker. Seeing others making great money and me coming home day after day without sales, is what drove me to stick in with it until I learned it. The flow is very important to underatnd and I go through all that in detail in the Door To Door Mastery Program.

Now about reducing the price of the program, we currently did. Its on sale and everyone who is on the list gets an email letting them know that. No better time to get into the program then NOW ! Join today, start increasing your knowledge and close more sales selling door to door.



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