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2 Reasons To Master Door To Door Sales And Stick With It

You may be asking yourself “Why would I want to sell door to door?” If you are going out everyday and feel frustrated, you want to master the art of door to door sales. 99% of the people out there most likely feel the same way. I was one of those people. I conquered it. So can you. In fact, there are two main reasons you want to master the art of Door to Door Sales.

Reason 1: Creating Wealth

You want to have and create wealth. You want to do more than just get by and pay your bills. You want to close more sales rather than just make $1000 a week. You want to make a ton of money. Yes, there are easier ways, especially in the beginning, to make money. Most people don’t enjoy working door to door. You could do a factory job or some other job to make a decent salary. If you start thinking like this, you need to ask yourself “What is the upside to that?” and “What are you relying on?” If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that you are relying on other people when you work a regular job. At any time, you could get laid off. When you sell door to door, you won’t get laid off.

I want to create wealth more than 90% of the people out there. I am loud and proud. I want to be a multimillionaire. I want to live never having to worry about finances. Now, I invest in the stock market. I put about 30k on the line every day. You can do the same. If you can get your customers what they want, then you will earn the wealth you want. Indeed, the art of YOU having what you WANT will come.

Reason 2: Becoming a Powerful Person.

Not only do you create wealth. You grow a thicker skin. You’ll invest in other businesses. You’ll gain confidence as you spend more money in the market.

The challenge and the rewards are amazing. It is a euphoric experience to master the art of selling door to door.

Most of you will get up and quit. If you don’t quit, your potential is endless. Entrepreneurship becomes easier. You create wealth because you build teams and businesses. You’ll then become a more powerful person. Most importantly, you’ll become educated and be able to feed your family.

When you’re out there finding door to door sales difficult, you have to revert back to the reason why you want to go door to door. I became a powerful person because I mastered the art of selling door to door. In fact, I have taken myself to the next level where I am investing in businesses. I am able to own FillQuick, a home security dealership software. I want to live a luxurious lifestyle. I don’t have to keep working for that money because I invested my money from door to door sales into other businesses that now generate me money on auto pilot.

Please comment and tell me what you think of my video.

Thank you for the support. I am committed to helping you at the doors.


  1. You are a an excellent position Paul ! Investing into businessess and making a profit to re – invest into other ventures is the way to go. I hope to do like wise in the future, but I have to fiqure a strategy to start going door – to – door. Thank God ! I found you, so I can learn from a down to earth kind of guy, who has already been there and done that. I hopefully if your interested, we can invest together, oneday in the near future ?
    All it take is Synergy ( people working together for a common result…. Thank you, for reading this….

    • Your very welcome and it is an honor to serve you guys… It started out with an idea and turned into the huge community it has grown to. Lots of work to reward but well worth every minute, second, hour and day. !

  2. Hey Paul, you site has been great to surf through. I only tried D2D for 6 months now, 4 months 2 years ago with XYZ security in Edmonton, Alberta(BLEW my mind to find out your from there, gave me a bad taste and utter disgust for that industry.. They didn’t really refuse to give me training. The guys they had training were not trainer material and after bouncing around team to find the right fit, which never happened by the way. The last one I landed on BOTH “leaders” weren’t much help. One didn’t really want to help me because I wasn’t one his actually team ( They pushed 2 together because people were dropping like flies) and MY leader was just a hot head who just told us that he didn’t teach with people shadowing or showing them any doors. Just in room activity. OH yeah and these guys were all from XYZ Alarm as well as XYZ changed it name. I’m assuming because the XYZ brand was worn thin to poor leadership and bad training. And XYZ has done well on paper. Then don’t train, they “steal” backend sales checks, and they were kicking people to the curb after they got sales but weren’t doing well enough to hit the 50 sales benchmark that they had set to clean house and keep new people hard earned cash if they didn’t reach 50 sales. It happened to me and even people who got 49 sales. So I got fired to.

    But the last month I have started with a friend who was with me then who started his own. He has kept me in the game and taught me a bit. I was selling in 3 days.. Now I have had a few dry spells this week and the last. But I love your training and I am definitley getting the course. We have people who NEED it and they don’t deserve to be treated like XYZ did to me.
    You are a great inspiration. And just your free videos was enough to spark courage and take notes on ho to stomp money out of a turf. I am ready to go to town today and try new things out. Rather than the usually: zombie walk, then HOPE for a lay down sale to pick my spirits back up. I really think you have something and could scale this business to CHARGE big buck to the Giants companies who drop the ball training their guys…
    Thanks for the ingenuity and kindness to make this possible. Please find me on FB I would be honoured to be aquatinted with you, I am definitley read to follow, listen and test. I love internet marketing and I have big dreams. But listening to the help on d2d this month will be huge.

    • Trust me… I know what you are saying. There are a lot of dirt bags in this industry. Not everyone is thou. I reached out to you via email… Many of these companies focus on pumping the sales rep up so much that they forget about ethics. They are trained to sell and only that. Their egos get to them and they fill their minds with the BS that they are out serving. Serving people is simple. Connect with them and care. When you sense they care, its a long lasting relationship….

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