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Deliver The Proper Message And Build Rapport With Your Customer


Hi Paul,

If I can put some money together, I’d like to get some training from you. I’m doing hvac, my problem is just getting inside the house. I have the words, but my persona to deliver the message in confidence isn’t perfected, so I’m not convincing anyone that I’m an authority figure. Once I’m inside though, I’m pretty good at explaining and building rapport. I’ve gotten inside a few houses, but not enough to close any deals. Getting inside is my weak point right now. Hope to hear from you!  Thanks,

Kind regards,


First off thank you for the question and showing interest in my teachings. Putting money together means you need get your rear in gear and learn this job. Get angry with yourself when you do not close sales and learn that each door you knock on you get better and better. My training is not just training, its motivation and getting you confident that your on the right track. Think about it. When you go out every single day, it kinda feels like there is no end in sight. Every door knocker should have a goal and a plan of growth. My teachings teach you to go out there, pound as many doors as you can, until you get comfortable with the process, learn how to build your confidence, then build a sales empire. Doing this will make you the six figures you always dreamed of.

You need to be an authoritative figure. What I’m going to assign you is a task you must do to get yourself out of the current situation you are in. Your lack of confidence means you don’t understand what builds confidence. Take a look around at the people you are currently surrounding yourself with. Are they successful people ? Success breeds success and so does failure. If you hang around people who are just getting by, your mind, body and spirit will not allow you do think past that of what you see in front of you. Im certain you herd of this before, however what have you done to take yourself away from that situation. So… Having said that. I need you to surround yourself around wealthy successful people ONLINE ! yes you herd me. Go to YouTube, create a playlist of successful people and watch their videos EVEERY SINGLE F-ing Day ! Every minute of the day, every inch of time you have DO IT ! I challenge you to do that and then come back to me and tell me THIS DOESNT WORK ! if you were to do it for 1 month straight, you would instantly see the results. In other words, when your not working, when your friends are partying, you should be hanging around success and successful people. Think this is too hard? think this sucks because that means the rest of your life will be boring? Well YOU WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL.

You see once you engulf yourself in this knowledge long enough, what happens is it then becomes a part of your being. When that happens, you no longer need to do it for as long as you did when you first got started. Trust me when I say this, SUCCESS IS ADDICTING. Always remember to stay humble, help others get what they want, so that you can have everything you want. If this isn’t the answer you were looking for, keep searching because what you will tend to notice is your searching for an answer that does not exist. People believe sales is about being slick and sly. NO ! its about increasing your confidence and understanding that people will buy from confident people. In order to be confident you have to Love yourself and who you are. In order to Love yourself and who you are you have to do awesome things in your life. Goto the gym, eat healthy, reach out to successful people and help give back to the communities.

Unlock your potential TODAY ! get started and see the results.

Getting inside is just a confidence issue. Learn how to build value in what you are offering with my Door To Door Mastery Program so that your customer now wants to hear more about what your product can do for them. If you are not building curiosity and interest in what you have to offer, nor trust then why would they let you in? The answer to that all is inside the Door To Door Mastery Program. Its way too much content to just simply put into a blog post. Accept it as it is, invest in your future and hawk the living crap out of all my teachings if you want to succeed in door to door sales.


  1. Hey Paul,

    I have worked in the past for a security company during the summer I was somewhat successful but I was living At home and I had no major responsibilities. I recently moved got married and now have a daughter . I am working a very boring job and I feel stuck and I have a huge passion for sales and especially the potential in selling home security. So here’s my problem I want to quit my day job and do door to door sales full time however I have a fear that I won’t be able to provide for my family. Any advice for me??

    • Hey Nick thanks for reaching out. Congrats on your hardest challenge in life which is having kids 🙂 God bless you always I have two of my own and as much of blessing they are, they are also our responsibility. Your a great man to be looking out for her. Now to touch up on the question, this is going to take courage. Im going to tell you now, DO NOT jump into the door to door job until the emotion of being where you are at is SO POWERFUL that you get sick to your stomach being where you are and what you have. Im talking to the point where you don’t even want to drive into work anymore. Aside from that, Make sure before you jump into a security company that you do your research on the company. After all you are dedicating and committing your all to this industry right ? I do own a security software http://FillQuick.com and I know many dealers so if you like, reach out to me via email and I may be able to put you in contact with a good dealer where you can grow and help grow their company. Ultimately, if you can learn to get people what they want and do it ethically, you can have all that you want ! Super proud of you and hope this helps.

      • Hey Paul,

        Thank you for the reply. It means alot to know there is support out there. I would love to know about which companies would be best to work for in the Atlanta Ga area. What is your email address. Again Thanks for the words of encouragement I feel sick knowing I could be out selling instead of being behind a desk all day not able to afford my bills. Thanks for all that you do!!

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