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How To Sell Door To Door

You are not happy with your sales figures, are you? I get it.

Perhaps you just got a sales job and it’s door to door. Most people freak out once they hear a sales job is door to door. Why? It’s simple. FEAR!

What gets people going door to door to sell products? COURAGE!

Ultimately, it takes courage to get out there and off your ass. People fixate their minds on all the negative aspects of selling door to door. If you ask 10 people about what they like and dislike about this, most people will say 10 things they dislike about it in a matter of a minute. On the other hand, they ignore all the benefits door to door sales will bring them.

Door to door sales requires COMMITMENT. If you are committed, you will master door to door sales.

The Door to Door Mastery Program is all about goal setting and the reasons why one chooses to sell door to door. This program will help you when times get tough because you are going to have to remember the reasons why you chose to start selling in the first place.

Trickery is not the way to last in the game. As a matter of fact, those who sell by tricking their customers deserve to be behind bars. In fact, lying, cheating, and stealing from people is your one way ticket to a short end career as a knocker.

As I said earlier, COURAGE is what you need.

You also need to strategize. Most people try to focus on a strategy of what to say in order to close more sales. Sales are simple rather than hard. However, they are not easy either.

Follow some of these tips below to instantly see results at the door.

Tip 1: Focus on your Customers

Sure they don’t want to do business with you. They hate the fact that you are at their front door. Understand that they are thinking of the last sales person that came to their door. They are going to tell you they are not interested. Actually, people are not really NOT INTERESTED. It is as if they are programmed to say this so that they don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of being at the door. They want to be on their computers or watching television. If you understand the reasons why customers are telling you they are not interested, you can come up with a solution.

Tip 2: Be a Better Communicator.

You literally need to get out of your own way. Most people in this industry think it is all about them. You only care about one thing—MAKING A SALE.  What ends up happening? You sound fake and desperate. Start learning how to care about other people. Otherwise, you will NEVER succeed long term in this business. Trust me when I say this. Learning how to care about other people helps in making a sale. BIG TIME!

Tip 3: Get Competitive.

You better be writing down goals and fighting to achieve them. If you go out every day hoping to make a sale, you are more than likely not going to get one at all. The top salespeople have a mission—to be the best! What is your mission? Everyone must have a mission.

Look! When I first started out, I was not the top sales person. I learned the business over time. Now, I know how to teach selling door to door and make a darn good income from it. The majority of people I hear of writing a ton are the exact same people who have a ton of cancellations. They run away from their phones when customers are calling back, and so much more. I sell accounts. In fact, my volume is high and my cancellations are low. My clients LOVE ME TO DEATH.  

Tip 4: Don’t Sell Out of Desperation.

Sometimes we do things we shouldn’t when we are desperate. If you are desperate to make rent, 100% commissions can only go for so long.

  • Cut your bills down.
  • Live in a smaller place.
  • Drive a less expensive car.
  • Lower your internet and cell package.

Get yourself out of debt. Feeling desperate is a short-term problem. Start making your own lunches if you have to. When I started selling door to door, I ate peanut butter tortillas every day for a year.

I wanted to master this game as bad as I wanted to breathe. How bad do you want to?

Cut the amount of time it takes for you to learn this game. Watch the program to start closing more sales and be smart with your money. Join my community of successful door knockers and grab the Door to Door Mastery Program today.


  1. Is this where I contact you at?

    • No, just make sure to reply to any of my emails please. The reason why I can’t just post my email here is SPAM 🙁 those darn spam bots scan peoples websites and spam the living life out of your email 🙂 Im glad we got in contact and as promised on Tuesday Ill get you those links to the Door To Door Mastery Program

  2. Question .. If I am doing this full time what time is best to go out and knock? And when choosing a location to start how do I choose? Each city here charges a license to solicit and each is expensive. Ranging from 150 to 250 for 6 months. So what demographics am I looking for or does it not matter?

    • This is a solid question to ask and it goes back to a blog post I wrote in detail here: http://www.doortodoormastery.com/when-is-the-best-time-to-knock-have-a-clue/

      As for licensing, always get it and note that since you are paying, this now means you are in a race against time to make it as profitable as possible. This helps increase sales because now you have the right to be out there so mentally you do better. Another thing to note is, where to knock depends on what you sell and what demographic you feel comfortable selling in. When you build up confidence, going to the wealthier neighborhoods can reap great rewards. Regardless, people are people… Love each person you talk to and deliver your message to your potential clients. Keep it real simple… Over complicating and thinking it can work against you. Thanks for joining the http://Masterd2d.com program and implement, implement, implement… Selling ethically is easy …

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