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Slumps: Why They Happen and How to Overcome Them!

In this article, I’m going to talk about the common issue we all have in our lives. SLUMPS!

Things seem to be going well because you’re getting results. Then, out of nowhere, there are NO SALES. You go hours or sometimes days without sales. The random sale comes here and there. However, you look back at your performance and wonder WTF is going on. If this is happening to you, this article is for you!

One of the most common questions I get is “How come I cannot sell anymore?” Consistency is a wonderful thing once you learn how to gain control. By default, you want consistency because it gives you a sense of control. Without selling, you start to think things such as how you will feed yourself, family, and even pay the bills. Not being in control of our destiny is a fear we all have. Let’s reveal this common issue at its core and allow me to present the solution for you.

On a flight back from Vancouver, I got a phone call from one of my corporate clients managers. He said “Paul, can you talk to one of my sales reps please? The issue is he sold 3 alarm accounts last week but for some reason, he is now in a slump and cannot get out of it.” My response was “Yes, put him on the phone.” After I asked him about his problem, he mentioned that he couldn’t seem to get a sale no matter what he does. It had been a week at that point and he still couldn’t get a deal. I then went on to ask him if problems can be solved. He said that it depends on the size of the problem. I asked him “This problem. Do you believe it can be solved?” He immediately said “If I told you YES, I would be lying.”

He is experiencing a SLUMP. The reason why you get into a slump is because of your fixed beliefs. You see human behaviour as predictable. Typically as humans, when certain occurrences happen in our lives, those occurrences become a reality to us. If we made sales at every door, our view of reality tells us that the next door is a sale too. On the other hand, if we don’t get a sale the previous hour or day, our beliefs start settling in that there is not a sale at the next door. Altogether, our sense of reality is characterized by this idea that we would achieve the same results as our last. The true reality in life is the past does not dictate the future. Think about it. If this were true, that would mean inventions would never take place. New technology would never exist. The most successful people in our world today are very careful with the beliefs they put forth. Once you believe something, your body tends to act accordingly. All in all, be careful about your own beliefs and the effects on your own behavior.  

Slumps occur because our beliefs change over time. How much potential you use in any given day or at each door is a direct reflection of how certain you believe there is a deal to be made at that next door. If you knew NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED at that next door that it was a deal whether or a not a sale was made, would you knock it to your fullest potential? if you knew that at least one person would say “Yes” no matter how many people you talked to today, would you go out and knock? The answer is YES! Ultimate success comes from learning to master your mind. When you are in control of what you believe, sales will follow. In fact, consistency will follow. You will consistently make sales.

Most people start off believing that they can do the job but this changes over time. In the first week, salespeople go out and close a sale or two. Then, they start the next week and fail. Afterwards, what happens is we start to believe different beliefs about the job and hence so do the little things we do at the door. When your believe in yourself less, your potential also decreases thereby affecting the amount of sales you make. Ultimately, you feel paralyzed. You look back at your weeks and say “F this, I QUIT!”

How do we prevent this problem?

Read on…

We have to start using mental visualization. I need you to dig deep into your mind, and remember back to the week you sold the most sales you ever have. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How did you feel that week?
  • How did you feel when you woke up?
  • How did you feel after you got the sale?
  • What did you believe about the job?
  • How real was it to you that sales do exist?

I need you to take your mind back to that time, and let that emotion inside you build up. Think back to all the sales you got. Go through it in your mind and remember that there are a lot of people that want to do business with you. Think back to the realities that most of the customers put up a fight, and you broke past their walls. They told you they were not interested, but you somehow managed to overcome this. You need to condition your mind for success if you are going to truly have success.

On a level from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most, how certain are you that you would get a sale if you went out knocking today? The most successful door knockers KNOW that no matter what, they are going to get a deal today. A deal exists at that next door. So the last 10 homeowners didn’t want it. Don’t let this stop you. The next door is for sure going to be a deal. Trick your mind into believing that. I challenge you to practise this and implement it today.

Comment below with your results. Watch this magic at work!


  1. Thanks so much!! I listen to your youtube videos everyday before work. I’m really trying to move up and build a team with alarms..but i want to make sure I am the best of the best first! You have really helped.me out thanks

    • That’s where most fail. They try to teach when they themselves can’t close. Get consistent and be fun. Once you have that, you are set. If you ever need any help reach out to me by email, I love helping those who are fighting to make it because ultimately they do. Your a champion girl.

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