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The Structured Door Knocker Comes Out On Top!

Can you imagine a world without rules, regulations, or any set structure? The building you are sitting in right now, while reading this blog post, could be created from anyone who believed they could construct a building. Does that scare you? If not, think for a second. If there was no one to regulate how the contractor constructed that building, how confident would you be that they didn’t cut corners? Do you think the contractor cared about quality and not just profits? We wouldn’t know. In the world we live in, I’m not willing to take that risk. Is it any different with door knocking? What personal structure do you have in place that will prevent you from cutting corners as a door knocker? Read on.

Most door to door sales people, enter the industry because they want to make money. This is an excellent reason to become a door knocker because ultimately it is your drive that will keep you in the game until you master this art. First off, I need you to understand that door knocking is not easy. If you think of it, the very reason you are reading this blog post is because you want to increase sales and figure out what I did. If I have not earned your trust as a professional yet, you are more than likely going to be reading and listening to my podcasts or watching my youtube videos figuring out if I am legit or not. How much time you spend finding someone to educate and relate to you depends on how bad you want to succeed in this business.


The first thing I want to teach you about is the importance of structure which is needed to succeed as a door knocker. What plan of action have you set forth to maximize sales? Is it to go to work, cross your fingers, hope to get a sale today? Most people would answer YES to this question. Some of you may deny this but don’t fight me on this one. The quicker you lower your guard and accept what you are going through, the quicker we create the solution and get you closing more sales. This idea came to me on a flight to Vancouver, BC when I realized what was going wrong with my personal life. Kids are growing older and my businesses are taking off. I have so many clients and door knockers while my family needs my attention. I felt as if I had to be all over the place. I thought to myself WOW! Do I need structure in my life. What worked yesterday in my business doesn’t work today because roles have changed, and demand for my attention has increased. The structure I had in place yesterday needed to change to fit my situation today. In Order To be Successful As A Knocker, You Need Structure.


The second most important factor to succeed as a door knocker is commitment. By now, I’m going to assume you watched my video on committing to succeed as a door knocker. If you haven’t done so, go check out that video.

Commitment to follow through means no matter what, your going to dig for the answers. Your first pillar for success is knowing that you are going to learn how to be the best in your office no matter what. If you haven’t already committed 100%, just like 99% of the knockers out there, save yourself the time and throw in the towel already. Let me save you the time. These days more than ever, people are so quick to let go. They listen to some guy or gal on the internet saying there is an easier and better way to do something. They lose track of why they initially got into the business. Why is this so? Emotion. Emotion takes control of your destiny. You need to learn to control your emotions. I am not telling you to be emotionless. I am telling you to learn how to control them. Sales is the transfer of emotions. If you cannot control yours, how are you going to pass positive emotions to your clients?


The third most important factor in succeeding as a door knocker is to have a solid plan. The first step in your plan is to jump back into your commitment and break down how much time you will allot to each phase in the learning process as you become a successful door knocker. These are the following phases that you will go through:

  1. The Initial Phase of deciding if door knocking is what you want to do.
  2. Believing that you can really make a lot of money and eventually love what you do.
  3. Learning what it takes to become successful.
  4. Start implementing and going through the emotions on a daily basis.
  5. Fight the urge to quit when the times are tough and feel like you are getting nowhere or progressing too slowly. In essence, you believe it is just not for you.
  6. Seeing results and starting to get more consistent. At this point, you are starting to love it.
  7. Consistency is now real to you. You know how to control your emotions, and you are comfortable talking to people at the door.
  8. Growth. Moving into management or possibly opening up your own company.

It is important to be mindful of these phrases so you understand your emotions and what you are going through. This will help you stick with it rather than give up. These were the phases I went through, so I know what I am talking about. Along the way, it was normal for me to want to quit and to think there was something better out there for me. I wanted to look for other jobs. It was tempting to start taking advice from friends and family about what I should and shouldn’t be doing, and so much more.

So why didn’t I quit? I thought back to the reasons I decided to do door to door sales. This kept me in the game. My natural personality to never give up also helped. The desire for wealth also kept me going. I love wealth but can care less about money. Sounds strange but when you are making $8,000+/week, you kinda fall away from the love for money because you have more than you can spend. When you reach this point, you will be excited that you get to do what you couldn’t do before.


So how do we get you there? Structure. Please understand I am saying this from the bottom of my heart. If you want to achieve the level of success that I have in this industry, you are going to have to set up the following structure:

  1. Commit to mastering Door to Door Sales
  2. Educate yourself daily.
  3. Self develop yourself daily by watching YouTube videos, listening to audio tapes, going to seminars and watching my Door To Door Mastery program every single morning/night.
  4. Eat healthy. I recently started juicing raw organic vegetables, and it had the biggest impact in my health in comparison to everything else I tried. I challenge you to check with a physician if you can do the same. What this does to you mentally and physically will impact your sales for the better.
  5. Decide how many days a week you are going to work.
  6. Decide to maximize the number of doors you knock on every single day.
  7. When you are out knocking, take notes and stop getting distracted by friends, family and partners texting or calling you.
  8. Track your results and progress.
  9. Write down questions and email them to me. Leave me a voice message. Engage with me more than you ever have. Reach out for help.
  10. Save your money and budget. Seeing your account grow will only make you feel better and not sell out of desperation. My first $10,000 balance in my bank account from door to door sales selling home security was the best feeling in the world and that helped me continue to stay in the game.
  11. Do not settle. Always be raising the bar. Failure is not an option. It will cross your mind at some point. However, he/she who learns how to suppress this thought ends up on top.
  12. Help others. If you DO NOT HELP others, you are going to be that guy/gal in the office that no one likes. We were put on this earth to serve a particular mission, and that is to make this world a better place. If you learn to master something, teach others, and watch what comes your way.
  13. Set sales goals. Fight to hit them. DO NOT just go out hoping you hit a number. This makes a huge impact on how hard you push.
  14. Know the end game. It may change as time progresses and that is fine. Ultimately know what you want to do with the money and the wealth you create from knocking on doors. Always be tailoring it and thinking about what comes next.
  15. Stay focused.
  16. Take time to yourself. Things can get pretty crazy. This one is a major one that people forget to do because they get comfortable in the daily grind and routine. If you have kids, I’m pretty sure you can attest to this. You need to go get massages, be alone, meditate, or whatever you need to do in order to get quiet peaceful relaxation.
  17. Plenty of sleep. Without sleep, your mind doesn’t function properly. This silent killer is one that people underestimate. Commit to getting to bed early. I know most of you will say you have trouble getting to bed early. There are many things you can do to get to bed early. What worked for me was getting up really early, not drinking any coffee, and replacing it with organic fresh raw juice that I personally squeeze with a juicer. Do this for a month and watch the results. I challenge you.

You just learned the structure needed in order to become a successful door knocker. I do not expect you to do all of this in a day. Read this blog post over and over. In fact, bookmark it! The key is to implement, and improve as much as you can daily. The sad reality is it won’t come to you unless you go after it. There are very few hand me downs in life. Thus, you have to go after it. Door to door sales is a rewarding career if done right. The small wins along the way will ultimately create the huge victory and self-fulfilment one acquires from mastering door to door sales.

Learn all this and so much more in my Door To Door Mastery Program!

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  1. I will be doing a few of these today!! Ty

    • First off thanks for commenting. I love engagement. I’m super proud of you. Let me tell you this, from reading your comments I can tell you have them I set to succeed. Don’t let that dry out, keep pushing forward daily and make sure to set reasonable goals.

  2. Paul

    Keep killing it brother you are an isperation to many in the industry. It’s amazing the success you can have when you just “tweak” what your doing and follow the path laid out for you keep it up

    • Thanks Jerry, your an allstar yourself ! had the pleasure to speak live with your company in Vegas and cant wait to see you again ! Thanks for the level of respect you and your company has shown me ! So happy to have you guys on board now with FillQuick as well !!! Rock on

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