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Summer Sales Preparation Door to Door

What’s up, everybody?! Paul Shakuri here with some new insights. In this particular wealth of content, we are going to be focusing on the summer program.

As it begins to warm up, many of you are telling me how you’re ready for the summer program or are preparing for the summer program. Here is what you need to be successful in selling door to door in the summer program! When I first started selling, I began selling in the summer. I was extremely excited to be knocking on doors and to have the opportunity to get deals closed! However, as we transitioned to winter time, I found that there was a difference between winter knocking and summer knocking. We are going to be discussing what NOT to do this summer so you can make corrections to your process, your approach or anything else that needs to be corrected for the summer program. This means that if you correct errors, it could result in money back into your pocket! NOW! Begin preparing now for a successful summer! What does this mean? & preparing?. Simply, what should you (I) be doing today to begin the summer program or to launch the summer program? MINDSET! MINDSET! MINDSET! Getting the right mindset is what you first need to prepare a summer program launching. Some people have confided in me of their lack of confidence in going out there and reaching their target. Then they become all over the place with their mindset and that’s what leads to failure.

1. PREPARATION: Most of you will fail this summer because your mindset is not prepared for what you will encounter or face. This is especially true for those of you who are going out for the very first time, you may not know what you are going to expect. Some of the things you may expect to see or to happen while out on turf are and include the following;

Limited mindset- you think, “I’m gonna knock on some doors and get some sales.” That’s as far as you will think. The thought of, I am going to knock and I am going to get through does not apply to successful door knockers.

 Expect nothing but the BEST out of yourself!

 Rejection will be a constant encounter at the beginning and it will be challenging and
difficult to overcome.

 Time will be of an issue because there is only a set amount of time to close those deals
before winter comes again.

Being All-In! No matter how many times you get rejected, you’re going to give it your all at every single door this summer! Think about how many people you will talk too in a day. Don’t let yourself get down if you get rejected. Bring yourself back up and speak to
that person on the other side in a fun and friendly manner. You’re going to give them what they want that your selling. Refer to my Masterd2d.com program for further details and processes and on how to close deals. This program helps fully with preparation! Overall, understand all of the challenges and difficulties that occur and follow number two’s instruction for success!

2. Commit: You have to commit! What does commitment mean? For the majority of you, I am going to be harsh and beat you up about your thoughts on the subject of commitment! In reality, your thoughts are… give it a “try.” The reason why I am so harsh is that people tell me they give it there all but then they tell me they finish knocking at six or they had a prior engagement, meaning something was of more importance. All of the crap about knocking only during prime time or when you can generate the most amount of sales needs to be eliminated from your head. Commit to the notion that you are going to maximize the number of people you talk too, as well, as maximize the amount of time you can stick it out on turf. When I began knocking, I was out on turf beginning at ten, eleven, staying out all the way until midnight. So here is my question to you? How bad do you want to succeed and make a substantial amount of income?! Now, this is not something I did for my full twelve years of knocking on doors. This is why! I am going to tell you what I know!

The MORE YOU DO SOMETHING, the _________ you get! I left that blank there because I wanted you to fill it out. The more you do something, the better you get! Believe that the more doors you knock on, the more people you talk too, the better you will get at closing sales. Now, if we take a look at the summer program and the reality of time is limited, then you are going to want to knock on as many doors as you can to gain the experience! It’s a known fact that people excel and learn at a faster speed as they add consistency to what it is they are doing. I am suggesting that for the pre-summer and summer program you get on turf at eleven o’clock. NOON IS WAY TOO LATE TO GET OUT ON TURF! The people you talk too earlier during the day and not at prime time are definitely potential customers as they are home during the day. Those customers have experienced & “points” on how to better your approach to selling door to door.

3. Body (mentally and physically preparing your body): This is so important! So many of you are eating like crap! I assure you, you get the proper rest, you get the right foods inside you, you start feeling better, you start waking up earlier! You start going to bed earlier, you start preparing yourself. You have a set number that you want to go out there to achieve and you go all-in. You begin to change your life and the lives around you.

4. Goal Oriented: Final and last ingredient. Setting up your goals is a process. Make realistic goals. Not low goals. Hit goals that mean something to you. In my first summer, my goal was to make 100 000 dollars. I wanted to make that money and reinvest it in import products, sell it and flip it for a profit. When I first started I didn’t know about preparation, commitment, body or goal orientation. I just thought I would make a 100 000 dollars. I did not know how many days a deal that was. How much per sale I would make! How much and long it would take to achieve that was not even thought about in my process. I didn’t set myself up for success by preparing and I was not at a realistic or set target. Once I learned how to shape and shift everything, well, let’s just say life changed for me. I am going to repeat it. If you go door knocking just to get a sale without considering the process, then it will not be sustainable. You should be making a 100 000 dollars plus or door knocking is not worth it. Life changes for you once you reach the 100 000 dollars’ range. Some of you may reach the 450 000-dollar range which is way above the average American citizen income.

My active knocker’s app helps you organize and sets the process for door knocking. It’s not expensive and it’s very fulfilling for me that I can offer up my programs to benefit you with door knocking. The masterd2d.com program prepares you for your endeavors in this profession. You can easily pay off and profit from the programs and if you don’t I can easily say you’re not following the information. For business owners, take care of your employees. Employees, take care of your employer and business. Build that partnership!

Get out there and get your mind excited! Purchase my programs and learn about door knocking. Peace! I am outta here! Boom!

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