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Sell Door to Door Consistently

Hello and welcome to another door to door mastery! My name is Paul Shakuri and today we are going to talk about selling door to door! These are the three simple steps that you really need to follow in order to get better, more consistent in the profession of selling door to door! We are going to dive right into the processes right away!

1. Develop yourself! It is important to remember that with development comes time! Now, I know many of you are going to read this and think…” really, I got to develop“. Meanwhile, I know you are really waiting to hear that special phrase that next best thing to say that will get you to close those deals. You simply want me to tell you what it is your lacking and what it is your missing! The reality is, you have to develop yourself! Every person is struggling with something different. However, once it clicks and you understand what it is that you are missing then overtime developing yourself becomes more apparent! I am talking all areas of developing yourself! Your personal development, developing your pitch, developing your communication skills with your potential customers. This is the first step in identifying and understanding and accepting the rejection or objections you are getting at the doors. Once you learn and master the art you can always feed your family. You can always go out there at any time and close sales ethically.

2. See it being done! When we see someone who has already created a path, what would that mean to you in the back of your mind for you to actually do that? I know it will be more real to you. If you are in an office where you are seeing people get more accounts, well seeing it getting done is defiantly going to help you increase the amount of the accounts you get with being in control with all of the other stuff I teach about. If you feel that you are not in control or uncomfortable then reach out to me as your personal mentor in the door to door sales field. Surrounding yourself with people that are actually out there selling is actually really important.

3. Controlling Your Emotions! Controlling your emotions is very important! You see when you go out there and get rejected and I have been rejected and so I know the feeling. Rejection sucks! I am not here to try and hype you up into believing that I love going out there and getting rejected! No way! Bull crap! It’s not true! But you can learn how to control your emotions! I promise you! No matter who you are, you can learn how to control your emotions! When someone tells you that they are not interested you can have it rebound off of you and present them with that quick question scenario.

So, I need you to understand that you will acquire number one over time. Developing yourself does not happen overnight and it takes a hundred percent effort in order to achieve. Once you have mastered building yourself up and have fully developed yourself you can move on to number two where you can see others selling door to door and their results. People are constantly sharing tidbits and experiences of how they sell their products and services. They are also sharing their achievements via social media.

It’s a good idea for inspiration and motivation to see how it is done. Finally, control your emotions. Learn to pick yourself up after a rejection and come back with a solution. This you can master if you sign onto my free video series as it provides you with more strategies on how to handle a scenario such as rejection.

If you enjoyed and felt this information was beneficial to you then keep following my blog page for more. Get my free video content that provides these three techniques in full depth. Until next time, peace and sell with Passion!

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