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Sell Yourself In On The Price And See The Wins Come In

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! This is Paul Shakuri here with another blog and some very important insights! First off, I want to begin by asking all you gals and guys how do you win? How the hell do you win at the game of door to door sales? How the hell do you win?! Most people cannot figure out at the doors how to close these sales! Take a look around while on turf and just take a moment and look at how much money is out there! To dig deeper, I am going to share some insight I have with people that I have been coaching recently. Those very people have been opening up to gaining more knowledge on how to close those deals. They have said to me “Paul, I want to get more deals.” These people have been following my content but they still …

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How To Sell Door To Door

You are not happy with your sales figures, are you? I get it. Perhaps you just got a sales job and it’s door to door. Most people freak out once they hear a sales job is door to door. Why? It’s simple. FEAR! What gets people going door to door to sell products? COURAGE! Ultimately, it takes courage to get out there and off your ass. People fixate their minds on all the negative aspects of selling door to door. If you ask 10 people about what they like and dislike about this, most people will say 10 things they dislike about it in a matter of a minute. On the other hand, they ignore all the benefits door to door sales will bring them. Door to door sales requires COMMITMENT. If you are committed, you will master door to door sales. The Door to Door Mastery Program is all …

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