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Sell Yourself In On The Price And See The Wins Come In

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! This is Paul Shakuri here with another blog and some very important insights! First off, I want to begin by asking all you gals and guys how do you win? How the hell do you win at the game of door to door sales? How the hell do you win?! Most people cannot figure out at the doors how to close these sales! Take a look around while on turf and just take a moment and look at how much money is out there!

To dig deeper, I am going to share some insight I have with people that I have been coaching recently. Those very people have been opening up to gaining more knowledge on how to close those deals. They have said to me “Paul, I want to get more deals.” These people have been following my content but they still tell me that they can’t seem to close those deals! So I asked these individuals if they actually believed in the products and services they were selling and promoting?! Approximately ninety percent of the individuals believed in the products and or services they were selling and I personally believed those individuals and was convinced that this was the case! On that note, it is imperative that one believes in their products and services in order to be able to close those deals! It is the stepping stone towards the process of door to door sales!

Now, I need your attention, your full focus on this point! Here we go! What I have noticed and what has resonated with me while doing my coaching calls is that its not so much the belief in the product that’s an issue it’s the lack of belief in the price associated with that product or service! For example, if your selling residential and commercial security at sixty-nine bucks a month, and when I asked the individuals that I have been coaching what they thought about the product they said that they felt that price was quite a bit a month to spend on home security. Furthermore, ninety percent of the people that I have coached continued on to share that they did not have the product or services installed in their home because they themselves could not afford it. This reason is the reason why the ninety percent felt that it is overpriced and why customers cannot afford it. This obstacle between price and affordability has to be overcome inside the mind. You need to understand that people who own their own properties, their own homes, they make fifteen hundred to twenty-five hundred bucks on their property depending on the market.

In other words, you have to stick behind what you are promoting and selling. Come to the understanding that these customers that own these homes have the money today and that they are in a different situation from you and me! Now, I am not trying to single everyone out but they are in a different situation then you and this is important to know and understand! So here is the big question…how do you do it? How do you get that outside your head? I will tell you that I personally did not have the luxury that my customers had when I first started door knocking. I was sleeping on an air mattress with my wife and I didn’t have a dollar to our name. I felt overwhelmed when I first started!

I felt that the product I was selling was very expensive and that I was not able to afford all of that! I also thought customers were justified in saying no because of the cost of the product. However, this all was turned around when I challenged myself and I challenged the customer by asking them this question “how much is your mortgage?” They will tell you it is fifteen hundred bucks. My products and services are approximately fifty bucks a month. So I say “If your mortgage company came up to you and said to you that fifteen-hundred-dollar mortgage is now fifteen hundred and fifty bucks, would you foreclose on your house? Would that mean you have to be kicked out and left to the street?” I put it in this way because the majority of people that live in these areas would not have difficulties affording an increase in their mortgage. Meaning, it would not put them out on the streets. The problem from the customer’s eyes is that its just another bill. They didn’t see the value of the product to justify another monthly bill! The battle at the doors is understanding what the customer is saying, what it means, how to overcome it and how to handle rejections, objections, and rebuttals!.

If you grab my three free video series, I go over all of the content for you and you will learn the process. I am presently coaching over eleven thousand people. I have so much respect for you all because door to door sales is simple! It’s not easy, it’s simple and what does that mean well, stay tuned for more to come to learn how you can be a closing machine!

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