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Create Healthy Competition In Your Sales Office

The number one way to increase sales is to create healthy competition. By nature top sales people are driven by competition. Top sales person of the month goes to….. When I was in a sales office of over 150 reps my number one goal was to be the top sales person all the time. Managing a team of sales reps, and going out and getting my own sales, I managed to hold that number one title month after month. There were times I really felt like taking a day off. Knowing there was another person who was close to beating me for the month, and there was only 2 weeks left in the month is what kept me eager to push through.

If I got a dollar for every time I thought of not going out, but did and got a sale I would be on wealthy man. Wait a minute I did 🙂 you see the key of the game is to always be pushing yourself and your sales reps to being the best. Ways to create healthy competition in your office are:

  1. Recognizing The Top Sales Person Of The Month / Year With An Award
  2. Congratulate The Top Sales Person And Have A Special Chair In Front Of The Room.
  3. Get The Second And Third Best Sales Rep And Put Them On The Spot, Nicely Why They Were Defeated.

Things like this create healthy competition. Not all sales people are excited to be the best however if you can manage to keep your reps happy, excited and always at their best, your going to see an increase in sales volume. Be smart with your profits and focus on ways that you can make your team happy. What seems to work very well over and over are short trips for sales teams that beat or reach a certain amount of sales in a given period of time.

The more you invest in your sales force the stronger they will become. Investments into your sales force are not only financial but personal as well. Be there to congratulate, recognize and hold special the force that does the hardest work at your organization. Sales people are hard working individuals that if treated right, will stick around for as long as they can.

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