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How to Sell Someone Who Has Your Competition

Hello, door to door mastery fans! This is going to be a question asked and answer type blog from my social media accounts. I am going to get right into it and tackle the first question. Hey Paul, I live in Germany and was bored out of my mind and checked u-tube to check to see how to increase my door to door sales. I checked your videos and they make a lot of sense even though I work for the German Telekom and I don’t sell security systems. Your videos make sense and I will be implementing the thing I got out of the videos first thing tomorrow when I start working. I do have a question, what is a good way to go if the customer says they are happy with a product they have from a different company right now? Keep making these videos so I can …

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047: How To Sell People Who Have Your Competition

http://traffic.libsyn.com/entrepreneuradrenaline/d2dm-047.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download () | Embed Subscribe: RSS Show Notes: Thank You New Members: Understand Why People Saying NO. Reasons: You are a stranger They may not like or trust you. Don’t want to deal with it Scared Of being scammed What they currently have isn’t completely broken You aren’t being clear on how you are different. Solution: You have to give them a reason to want to do business with you. Let’s talk about your emotions You want the sale, to feel great. You want to make money, to pay bills. You’re scared to go home without a sale.

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Why Some People Sell Well And Others…. Not So Much

You know the saying you’re either born a sales person or your not. Sales is not a magical thing that only a select group of people can do. In this article I’m going to explain why some people sell really well and others….well…. not so much. To say someone is born a sales person is non sense. Sales people are typically charismatic people. We have the ability to become whatever we want, so long as we set our mind to it. Since the moment you opened your eyes and ears as a child, your brain started to associate certain connections and thoughts to what is happening in your habitat. We are all different because we all lived a different life and have associated different things to what has happened around us over time. As a child I recall wanting things and hating it when my parents took things aways from …

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Create Healthy Competition In Your Sales Office

The number one way to increase sales is to create healthy competition. By nature top sales people are driven by competition. Top sales person of the month goes to….. When I was in a sales office of over 150 reps my number one goal was to be the top sales person all the time. Managing a team of sales reps, and going out and getting my own sales, I managed to hold that number one title month after month. There were times I really felt like taking a day off. Knowing there was another person who was close to beating me for the month, and there was only 2 weeks left in the month is what kept me eager to push through. If I got a dollar for every time I thought of not going out, but did and got a sale I would be on wealthy man. Wait a …

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Know Your Competition. This Can Help You Close More Sales

Have you done your homework ? Wait a second your a door knocker door knockers don’t like doing homework ! hahahahahah! Im not talking about the homework your teacher assigns you in school. Competition ! its important to know what your competition is offering and how you are different. In this article I’m going to talk about How To Do Your Homework Identify What Makes You Different Implement In The Field How To Do Your Homework The one common denominator every sales person has is competition. I don’t care what your selling, you have competition. Some niches have more competition than others. Today i want you to write down the top 5 competitors in your niche. What i do to study them is this: What Brand Of Products Do They Sell What Is Their Warranty Like How Is There Better Business Bureau Rating How Much Does It Cost To Acquire What They …

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