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Why Some People Sell Well And Others…. Not So Much

You know the saying you’re either born a sales person or your not. Sales is not a magical thing that only a select group of people can do. In this article I’m going to explain why some people sell really well and others….well…. not so much.

To say someone is born a sales person is non sense. Sales people are typically charismatic people. We have the ability to become whatever we want, so long as we set our mind to it. Since the moment you opened your eyes and ears as a child, your brain started to associate certain connections and thoughts to what is happening in your habitat. We are all different because we all lived a different life and have associated different things to what has happened around us over time. As a child I recall wanting things and hating it when my parents took things aways from me. Freedom to me meant the world. If I was playing with a toy and my parents said it was time to eat dinner, somewhere in my head I linked my freedoms being taken away. If I was able to get an extra 20 min with my toy, I felt like I won the lottery because I did not have my freedom stripped from me. I love winning. The gratification I get from getting my way, means so much to me. Top sales people love to win. You may say to yourself, “Ya Paul I get it but who likes to loose?” The reality is none of us like to loose but not everyone is willing to fight the battle to win. Some people associate too much work and pain to fighting for what you want, over the pain of just settling for less.

Every single day we are faced with challenges. The bigger the dreams the bigger the challenges you will be faced with. When you have nothing, it is extremely difficult to build that momentum up because you feel as if you are locked up and the promise land is a million miles away. Believe me when I say this, I GET IT! How awesome would it be to have everything you ever wanted in 1 week or less? Does the thought of that get you excited? Most will read that and say, thats non sense, it doesn’t exist. I’m not here to tell you that you will achieve the level of success you desire in 1 week however with major change, the feeling will be the same.

Top sales people live different lives then those who can’t sell. We live a life of optimism. If I want something, so long as its legal, I’m going to find a way to get it. The only way to accomplish my goals is to get started and just simply find a way to make it work. When I got started selling door to door, I hated the living crap out of it. My knees shook like no tomorrow. I was a business graduate who was knocking on doors in -20 Degree weather. When I look back at the journey I think to myself, man would that suck to go back to day 1. You see when you want something so bad in life, you have to have a purpose. Most top sales people have a goal in mind. Either they want to make a ton of money so that they can blow it on the weekend or they want to make a substantial income because of the financial freedom it will unlock for them. The people who stick behind the product and service they sell are the ones who can do this job long term.

Door to door sales people who succeed are strong minded individuals. Just like a muscle, the mind can be exercised. If you feel uncomfortable starting a door to door sale job, and on top of it you aren’t certain that the company you work for has anything long term to offer you, you might just be working to make a pay check. Top sales people DO NOT think like this. What is in it for them? Not in a greedy way but how can I create an amazing life for myself, and help the company I’m working with grow into the best darn company that exists. Sales is all about the right mindset. From talking to many sales people over the years, I found the number one reason why sales people fail is because they don’t have the right mindset. They get a little excited that they can make great money selling door to door, but when the times get tough or they get rejected, they are quick to shift their mindset on what they think about the career they just chose. Hot then cold. One day they are excited that they found the ticket, the other day they question whether or not they can do it.

I recently am fighting this battle with the stock market. 2+ years ago I got into day trading as a hobby and an investment path. I knew the challenge would be difficult. I fought and paid a lot of money to learn from the best in the industry. No matter what I do or how hard I try, I loose money. To date I’m sitting at over $15,000 in losses but I’m still mentally in the game. I got to the point where I believe the market is so rigged that it is impossible to make any money in it. The reason I say this is, with door knocking you are in control of making money and it doesn’t cost you anything really. If you learn to overcome objections ethically and learn how to properly communicate why someone should do business with you, you now will start to see yourself on the path to victory. Stick it out. Build that mental muscle. Get excited about getting better and closing more sales by knowing your product or service inside out so that when A customer says they aren’t interested, you change that around with showing them why they possibly could be interested. Not interested to me only makes sense if a customer can repeat back to me how my product works, how much they pay and ultimately what it would do for them. Reality is less than 1% will. This means you have the opportunity to sell 99% of the people, so long as you get them excited and they can justify paying you for what you have to offer. Don’t be a pest, be very respectful, stand and sound assertive. People like doing business with confident people. Learn how to not take sales personally (I struggle with that one sometimes) and dominate the market ethically with what you are selling.

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