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How to Sell Someone Who Has Your Competition

Hello, door to door mastery fans! This is going to be a question asked and answer type blog from my social media accounts. I am going to get right into it and tackle the first question.

Hey Paul, I live in Germany and was bored out of my mind and checked u-tube to check to see how to increase my door to door sales. I checked your videos and they make a lot of sense even though I work for the German Telekom and I don’t sell security systems. Your videos make sense and I will be implementing the thing I got out of the videos first thing tomorrow when I start working. I do have a question, what is a good way to go if the customer says they are happy with a product they have from a different company right now? Keep making these videos so I can become better at sales and I can’t wait to read your answer!

 First off, if you are looking for the answer to the problem you definitely did the right thing to search the internet. I am happy you found my social media accounts and I want to encourage you all to not just tune into u-tube or blogs because you are bored. You have to literally become obsessed with success. I have a ton of information here on my blog and on my other social media accounts. Secondly, to answer the question about competition, in episode 47 on iTunes I talk a lot about this. The first thing you need to know is that if the competitor has won the customers business then you need to find out the certain things the customer liked in regards to that company. Was it the quality, the pricing, you have to dig in and find all the reasons that they liked it. Another thing I want to point out is that no one in their right mind will want to switch with another company if you’re a stranger who showed up at the door. This is something that has to be overcome because you are a stranger at the door. Think about it! Why would a customer want to do business with a stranger? The second thing is the customer is comfortable with what they have and comfortable with the service that they currently have. They tell you they are one hundred percent satisfied with the purpose of getting rid of you.

Customers may think you are scamming them, might be getting them into longer contracts or might put them into something that they will not be satisfied with. The reality is that hundreds and thousands of people and door to door sales reps are switching people from company to company every single day. The top individuals that do decide to switch are because they switch due to the value that was placed upon the product or service. So what you need to do is dig inside your product and service and figure out how your product and service is different. It is true that people will buy from you because they trust and like you but I am telling you that is not enough. You have to educate the client on how your product will benefit them and how the value is higher and different from your competitor. Does it make sense to your potential customer of how your different and how your services are different? Does it settle inside their mind that if they switched with their current company they will benefit with your company Let’s just say they are paying 79 bucks a month and you are in the same price range. It’s not enough of a reason to switch to save a couple of bucks. I teach sales rep to close sale after sale. Closing 1 in 5 sales. How to do this is to really understand how to present yourself differently and how to make them feel comfortable. This is all taught in my Masterd2d.com program.

Having said all of this, I want to thank you all for following my blog and my other social media accounts. If you have any questions please email me at pshak@doortodoormastery.com. Until next time! Discover your uniqueness and implement those door to door knocking skills at those doors! Peace!

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