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Two Reasons to Stick with Door to Door Sales

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! I have been thinking about you guys and gals! I have been especially thinking of the guys and gals that have been going out there knocking on doors and have been getting frustrated because of the end results. I know this is approximately the case for almost ninety- nine percent of the people out there. You just simply haven’t mastered the art of door to door selling, yet! Yes! That’s right, I said yet! So, there is still time and hope that you do master the art of selling door to door. How do you do that? Well, keep following along this blog post to gain some insight!

Now, I was able to conquer the struggles I had with door to door sales and you can too. You can do so as well by following and keeping in mind the two reasons to stick with door to door sales. The first reason is to create wealth! Yes, to create wealth! You want to and have to create wealth! If at the back of your mind you are thinking that you want to become wealthy and I mean not the wealth that you need just to get buy and pay your bills, I am talking about the wealth that allows you specific luxuries and so forth. This ambition to reach that type of wealth becomes one main driving factor! This factor, creating wealth is the reason why I mastered the art of door to door sales. When you are out there and times are difficult for you and you don’t know how or what exactly it takes to close more sales, you have to understand the reason why! You have to revert back and think about why you are sticking with door to door sales! The reasons! One of them being creating wealth! Making money! Not just making a thousand dollars a week or twelve or fifteen hundred dollars a week. It’s about making a ton of money!

Let me ask you this, what is the upside to working a nine-hour job with an hourly set wage, for example; a factory job. Does it create wealth as it does in door to door sales? Can you make millions with that job like you can in door to door sales? Everyone knows and I tell people constantly that I want to live without the burden of finances. I want to be a millionaire where I do not have to worry about ever being in debt or worry about having to live paycheque to paycheque. When I talk about creating wealth you have to first learn how to master the art of door to door sales so that way you can teach other people your knowledge and expertise in the profession. If you can get your customers what they want whether selling security systems, meat, solar, pest control and so on then the odds of you getting what you want will be extremely high.

The second reason for sticking with door to door sales is so you can become a powerful person. You not only created wealth but you mastered the art of door to door sales. You developed a thicker skin from your experiences on turf. Your experiences with rejection and rebuttals have helped you develop into a person with “tough skin” and you can then invest in other businesses. I learn every single day with what I do and I become a powerful person every single day. I own FillQuick which is a home security alarm dealership  software. For those of you who are in the security industry, you will be hearing big things about it. I am able to invest freely and take on and tackle these difficult decisions that typically would be difficult to make for the ordinary ‘Joe,’ but because of my experiences in door to door sales, I can make wise decisions. You know the most successful people in the world started off in door to door sales. Aside from just the money in door to door sales, it is was you create, the challenge. It is a euphoric experience to know that you are different. Most of you will give up and quit and most of you will fail if you are not one of those people that have been eleven years in this business. You create wealth because you build teams, you build companies. Most importantly you become educated and you are able to feed your family. This is why I chose to go door to door. I am at the next level. I am at the level where I am investing in a business. You can get to that level too.

Thanks for following along the posts. I want to be able to provide you with more information so leave a comment. If you have questions you can email me at pshak@doortodoormastery.com. Guys and gals from the bottom of my heart I love you lots and I hope that you are selling ethically at the doors because I only teach people how to sell ethically and build value. For now, remember this very simple quote, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”-Frank Clark

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